EufyCam2 nightvision : poor quality

Yesterday installed my new EufyCam2 cameras. First opinion was positive, but during the night when i saw pictures i was very disappoointed…very bad quality, you can see nothing…! See attached picture.
My question : is this normal or is there something wrong with the cam ?
Thanks for your answer !

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Night vision is certainly not as good as day vision, but you should be getting a better quality image that you’ve posted. Is there a light source Or an item close to the camera to the top right area of where you’ve mounted your camera because that would play havoc with the contrast of the IR.

No, only the cam is mounted on the wall. The first moments, the quality was much better, but after some time i got the result as you see at the attched picture.

That’s strange and certainly not designed behaviour. They’re cameras that should provide a clear image. I’d remove the camera from the base station and then add it again and if that doesn’t provide a fix, I’d contact support and have them swap it.

@Johan3 hi, Johan, It’s probably because something in front of your camera? Or turn the camera toward the lower left corner, away from the white area in the upper right, and then check it again.
If you have any usage problems, please contact our customer team via We will reply to you as soon as possible.:relaxed:

Hi, thanks for the answers. When i look now during the day ( at this moment without clouds ), the pictures aren’t clear too … on the right corner, which is marked, i see lights that in reality there isn’t … It seems also that the picture is blurred. ( see picture )
When i installed and mounted the camera on the wall, all was, in my opinion, OK. But after 1 night of use, it seems there is something wrong.

I have 8 eufycams and 1 of my camera’s has very bad night vision just like your pic, when motion is detected it’s good for half a second then fades and I can barely see anything. All of my other camera’s have very good night vision so I’m going to contact Amazon where I purchased and see if I can get a replacement

Can it be that you live in the Netherlands, like I do? Temperature drops at night and maybe some moist on the camera? Bit the same as your carwindows in the morning with dew. I had that in the beginning of this week too, but if you wipe the front of the camera with a dry and clean cloth, it could improve the quality of the picture.