Eufycam2- I need help with usb port on eufy homebase 2

Hi everyone, I’m here because I have a doubt.

when I connect a usb to the usb port of homebase 2 it does not appear anywhere in the phone app.
I would like to know how it works and what needs to be done to save the videos to memory.

in the characteristics of the device says that if it is possible to store videos on a usb. but I really have no idea how to get it recorded in usb


Currently the USB port is for only charging or powering your camera. Eufy has in the works for us to be able to use an external USB flash drive in the future. I hope this answers your question.

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Thank you very much for the clarification

My question comes here, for the text that has the image that I captured from a help message in the app

It’s basically telling us that it’s coming soon with listed instructions they tend to confuse users prematurely :rofl:

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Is this implemented? I see the answer is from February, now is July any progress?

Can anyone tell me when usb-use will be implented? The question is asked in february.

Any update on this? Its been a year. I have 3 Homebase 2 implemented and need the additional storage.


I would not rely on eufy to implement this anytime soon or at all its been well over 1+ years of communication and no response.

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It is now September 2022. @eufy really needs to make good on their word. If you can’t trust a security brand, that really should raise some flags about purchasing their products…

I would contact the eufy support on this. At the time of this being mentioned was right before the Covid lockdowns. So I would assume that it may have gotten put on the back burners as other products got behind on development.

It could be something that could be implemented or they could just be implementing it into a later version of the homebases potentially.

If it was me, I would just forget about a USB drive and just provide a sd slot potentially.