EufyCam2 going to “sleep”

Hey, recently purchased the EufyCam2 + home base kit and it’s all working great except for at some point during the night all the cameras go to sleep / stop detecting and recording / no notifications.

I tried to get them to detected me for a good 10mins this morning, walking in front of them all, going right up to the lens, no detection, recording, notification or status light.
They are all set on the default home mode with recording, notifications and motion turned on.

If I open the app and click a camera to view it live it “wakes” it up and it will work after this. When accessing the live…the camera clicks and the feed flashes purple (as if it’s switching from night vision) even though it’s 8-9am and the sun is blaring.

Anyone else had this issue, or know how to fix it?

Thank you for reaching out.

To address your concern, you can schduled the working mode under the “Security” tab.

If you are still having the issue with device, please send the eufy account to so we can quickly look into this case for you.