eufyCam with a cellular hotport

I need to install a security camera system to in an unoccupied house. The house does not have internet access so I was considering using a cellular hotspot. The concern is the data usage and bandwidth requirement. I haven’t been able to find much info regarding these two areas. Does anyone have data on these aspects or can point me in the right direction?

@Ice1 can you help Nathan out with this query? As I know you’ve been using yours. :slight_smile:


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I know you already invested in the Eufy camera, but if you truly need remote access look into the Arlo Go camera as it operates on a Sim card

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Be mindful that data usage depends on the activity. Cameras in heavy traffic transfer more data compared to slow traffic areas. I don’t think we have ideal data usage and bandwidth numbers.
@AnkerSupport or @AnkerTechnical may have this data

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Thanks for the suggestion. I had considered the Arlo Go, but each camera was $380 on Amazon. Looking at 3-4 cameras and I am unsure of the duration. I tried a IY dome camera. Nice camera and being able to control it remotely is fun. But it wasn’t sending motion detection alerts. So I have to look at a better level of cameras. I am a big fan of Anker products already and I am assuming this system will be pretty good. Just trying to figure out the internet part of the equation.

Exactly. I was chatting with the Arlo community and found out that 10 seconds of video (default capture per alert) was about 1 mb with about a 6 mb/day overhead data usage even without any alerts. But in the case of the Arlo, video is sent to their cloud server then transferred to the user. I was wondering how Eufy handled it.

As far as I know the videos are stored on SD card in the homebase. So data transfer only occurs when the homebase sends out notifications to the APP and when a user access the video that is stored on the SD card.