EufyCam wireless strength and connectivity issues

Received my 4 EufyCams, setup the HomeBase, added a camera and was connected pretty quickly. I have Google WiFi Mesh routers (3) inside my home.I set the camera out on a table (10 feet away from door to house) to test the video from the phone and could not connect to the camera. Signal issues. Constant Retry.

I moved the HomeBase and 1 of the Google WiFi’s just inside the door and still cannot connect. As soon as I walk into my house with the phone and camera and I click retry it connects. If I leave the camera outside on the table and come back inside with my phone, it will not connect sometimes but it will not stay connected. Constant dropping.
Side note: I can sit outside around 25 feet away from my house and enjoy live streaming from Spotify on my phone and Google Wifi. My Amazon Echo also streams Spotify outside also connected to the same Wifi.

My house is not covered in aluminum foil or copper and my WiFi is efficient on all of my other devices connecting from outside. Just the cameras don’t.


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MikeA the EufyCam has its own low power WiFi and is not dependent on your Home WiFi network… only on your hardwire network … You might use a WiFi signal checker and see if your Home Mesh WiFi is interfering with the EufyCam frequency


I have similar issues with my initial release eufy genie home speaker. It wont connect to the AT&T issued wireless router for some unknown reason, but it will for my cheap netgear one just fine. After some research I found out that the AT&T router’s G and N frequencies are not compatible with the Eufy receiver. AT&T set up of the router can be modified to make it work, but I’m not willing to pay AT&T to come out to connect it for me. …also check for a firmware update. This might solve your issue if there is one.

I see a Eufycam/Homebase wifi booster in our futures.

The fact that it’s on a separate battery backed up Wi-Fi is great but the low power Wi-Fi is an issue for some.

I would definitely check to make sure the mesh is not messing with the home base. Turn all your google systems off then try again. If that’s the issue, you most likely can adjust the setting on your google system.

I installed mine and have one camera out in my yard and get great reception. The HomeBase is in the basement (smaller ranch).

I received my camera system a few days ago, everything seems to work fine inside the house, I have had some issues with the base station connecting to cameras inside the house for livestream. The proprietary wifi from the base is not strong enough to send signal 25ft, line of sight, through a glass door. Eufy needs to make an outdoor wifi extender for their system and boost the signal strength, or I think there will be a lot of disappointed customers. After a few days I also noticed some of the cameras have poor connection within 15 feet from the base. If anyone has any ideas about boosting the proprietary wifi, please help. I found this from another post in the forum: “We use another technology that isn’t Zigbee or Z-Wave. The range is similar to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.”

Other than the indoor and outdoor signal issue, the quality of the product is great!.

Please! EUFY, fix the wifi extension issue for customers who want to use this outdoors.

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Agreed! Range on the cameras is questionable at best. Very disappointing so far.


Checking for interference would be interesting but how do you know what wi-fi channel / frequency the Eufycam is using there is no SSID broadcast.

It would help greatly if we knew a bit more about what we are trying to improve. If you go to the camera settings and then to the Mounting Guide it shows a W-Fi Signal Strength which in my case shows the full 4 bars in a wi-fi symbol. Underneath it says “The current location is good to mount the camera” but the camera doesn’t work unless I’m close to the Hub.

Presumably this is displaying the House Wi-Fi signal strength not the camera Wi-Fi signal which is much weaker than the house Wi-Fi signal. I have Reolink Argus 2 Battery operated Wi-Fi camera running on the house Wi-Fi and that works great anywhere in the large garden but the Eufycam fails before I get outside even, yet alone as to where I would like to place it.

Is this camera using only a wi-fi signal or are there some other signals as well

Is this happening with all cameras?

I am also having connectivity issues as soon as I move the camera to an outdoor mounting location. I even tried moving the Home Base from the location next to the router, upstairs, and plugged it into a switch downstairs, about 20 feet from the front door. As soon I take the camera outside (the house is brick) the signals falls off to nothing.

I have two other cameras to mount that are going to be even farther away from the Home Base because of how the house is laid out. This is rather disappointing.

I just moved the Home Base to right next to the front door via a much longer patch cable and as soon as the camera went outside, it said Signal Strength was poor and it would not update the camera image.

If these cannot work outside the house, I’m very disappointed and would like to discuss a refund.

In terms of this:

Try this:

What firmware version is listed on your homebase?

I don’t have a huge house (1000 sq foot ranch) but I have the home base in one corner of the basement, and one camera on the outside of the house in the far other end and I have no issues. I’m curious what is going on with yours. Do you have the latest firmware? Any chance tour WiFi could be interfering?

I am having pretty much the same issue. Unpacked set of 2 cameras and 1 homebase. Set it up working in the same room. When moving the cameras away more than 15feet, still in the same room, the connection is lost. Even worse when the cameras are moved into another room or outside.

Also tried unplugging the internet cable and moving homebase into another room, but the problem was the same.

Thank god I didn’t unpack other 2 cameras I also bought together. Still waiting for support reply,

Hi everyone, I have the same issue I’m testing with both my cameras inside the house with direct line of sight to the home base 16 feet away… it works… after I step out of the house and close a glass door it doesn’t work anymore… is no more that 2 more feet and said door. It’s weird I even have my other cam further behind a steel door and ir works just fine.

I already tried to turn the wifi access point off to see if it was interfering with the same result.

Please help me find a solution for this, these cams are not cheap to be struggling this much…

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Hi, I’m am in the same boat as most here. I bought the two camera system, with the home station and I am having connection/Wifi strength issues. One camera seems to be better than the other. I put them both in the same location, and my first camera is great. It has enough strength to be outside on the front porch. The second camera is having connection issues and wifi strength issues. So, I put the second camera right next to the home base station and it is still only showing 2 bars. My first camera has 3 bars, and it’s outside (~30ft away from the base station) though 3 rooms.