Eufycam WiFi bridge

Anyone tried the eufycam with the network connection through a WiFi bridge?

I bought this to try the homebase in different locations to see if I can get more than 1 bar of signal on one of my cams

It works fine, took 2mins to setup (change mode, select ssid, enter password, reboot)

As I was unsure how well it would work I went for just 2.4ghz

It increases the live view loading time by a few seconds & when it starts stream it’s stuttery for 2s but after that it streams ok

Past recordings play instantly and smoothly

As it seems to work ok I might get a 5ghz version to see if it reduces the live stream loading time

Anyone else tried it?


Not this way. I am using a regular wifi extender to be able to move the homebase to the best possible possition to get my cams at all connected! (got a max range of 12 meters in a downtown settings) You can see some pics here (Direct link) : What is YOUR status light color on REAR of Eufycam base and router? - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community

We are all waiting for an eternity to get those announced eufy cam range extenders. But no infos, no news, no nothing about it … since months.

The way you di it, if i got it correctly, is the same way i did. But just repeating or extending the wifi signal is not the solution and won’t solve the problems with the horrible eufycam range in general and the extended lags and issues while connecting, loading, streaming, and so on, by using wifi extender.

The only practical solution is, and i hope @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial are listening, a eufy cam range extender, which is extending the “eufy-cam-own-network-signal” with a minimum of lag and loss of quality/speed.

But if your above solution works temporarily for you, i am happy for you!


Glad to know it is working for you. And I expect little bit of delay in streaming and viewing videos compared hard wire connection.
As you mentioned if its minimal and you can live with it and probably a 5Ghz version will improve the connection, it’s great to hear.

This may be a work around solution for few users facing sever signal range issues until the official range extenders from eufy are available.

Any updates? I just purchased 6 eufy cam e’s and having range issues :weary:… any solid fixes in the mean time before I have to return them?

Have a look at the last dozens of post in this thread to be up-2-date:

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