EufyCam vibration notifications when notifications disabled for Eufy Security App

I’m receiving vibration notifications for events from my cameras & sensors even though I have notifications disabled for the Eufy Security app in Android. I have it set this way while I’m testing out the system and finding best locations for cameras for my house. There are no indications of notifications for the Eufy Security app in the most recent list in Android App notifications history, and I never see a notification in the notification tray. Just ‘phantom’ vibrations that correspond to Eufy Security events.

When I first open the Eufy app, I see a pop-up that “Notification is disabled” - telling me to go turn them on in the Android interface. Seems like if I have notifications turned off for the app in the Android OS (and the app knows this), then I shouldn’t be getting any vibrations, no?

app v1.1.1_76
system version
Android version 9, build PQ1A.181205.006
Pixel 3 phone

It might be worth uninstalling/reinstalling the app, as this will fix most bugs/issues.