eufyCam time out by 1 hr


I am new here and sorry if this has been asked before and/or answered.

My eufyCams (x3) are out by 1 hr. I have made sure the homebase is set to BST (london) but no setting is available per cam?

Any suggestions?


If understanding correctly, your cams (timestamps) are not showing the correct time?!

  1. Touch the two lines at the top left of the App to open the menu
  2. Go to “My Devices”
  3. Touch the Homebase
  4. Touch Time Settings
  5. Make your settings

Thats correct. The setting you do in the above mentioned homebase time settings, applies to all your cams.

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I have done this, but remotely.

Once i get home ill give it go, thanks yamyam!

You are welcome!

you may notice no change . lol :joy:

Here is the work around if you are still stuck with incorrect time zone…

Follow instructions from @yamyam, then set your time zone to some thing else (other than BST)… exit out…

Go back in and now set your preferred time zone (BST)…

Let us know in any case… GOOD LUCK

It worked! and remotely as well! thanks guys!


The more of these threads I read, I can myself having some good ‘fun and games things’ to mention in my initial review and perhaps a 6 months later one :grin:


Glad to know it worked for you :innocent:

Very true, eufycam is kind of plug n play but not really… you will know/learn more and more as you explore, face these challenges from time to time…
Eufy may have a FAQ list but I don’t think that is everything


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