Eufycam solar panel charger

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Does anyone have any idea as to when the solar panel charger is going to be released for the eufyCam?
Really getting over the lack of support from @AnkerSupport and the extremely limited information on an expected release date.

They replied to an email and they told me by the end of April 1st of May.

In the meanwhile you may check this one out, as nearly every solar panel with the correct specs works and much cheaper as the one anker will offer:

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Hmm it will be interesting to see how good it does to keep it charged

My one or the eufy solar panel? My one, as seen in my review above, is charging one of my dozen eufy cams permanently and keeps it at 60-100% over the whole summer! And this even as the cams records 150-200 videos with 40 seconds length daily!

OK, the panel is oriented to the south and getting several hours of sun daily, in the summer. But for me this means: During april and october ion germany, i do not have to recharge the cam, maybe once or twice if we really have some bad dark rainy cloudy days for a whole week or two.

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Seems like the panel does a good job then :+1:

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