eufyCam Software Update and New Timeline

Hi eufyCam users,

In February, we continued our work to deliver new features to the eufyCam.
To date we’ve launched multi-language Alexa integration, customizable recording length, retriggering interval optimization, device display order, and more!

We appreciate your support and patience as we continue to make eufyCam better. We also appreciate your enthusiasm and the positive feedback we’ve received so far. In a survey from over 1000 eufyCam users, more than 80 percent are very likely to recommend the eufyCam to a friend or colleague, and more than 50 percent plan to buy extra cameras.

However, we also know we’ve missed the timeline on some features. We are working around the clock to make sure they are polished and up to snuff before release.

Below is the latest software roadmap from now until Q2, 2019. We are prioritizing the features that you have said are the most important to you via the kickstarter, the forum and over the phone and email.

Please stay tuned and reach out with any of your questions!

The eufyCam team


Excellent, thanks for the update schedule! :thumbsup:

As it can’t be / isn’t complete, you may frequently check my TO-DO List if your are searching for little tweeks, updates, features, improvements and fixes, which have been collected over the past 3 months (mostly at kickstarter):

Some (most) are already listed at your update chedule, but we would appreciate so see all those listed points to be implemented bit by bit or to get news update when it is planed to launch, if hardware (i.e. range extender, solar panel). :hearts:

Keep on rocking eufy!


It’s a great idea to send an snapshot to a notification


Thanks for the update @AnkerOfficial

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Any chance that somewhere hiding on that update schedule is better technical documentation?

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Unfortunately, it looks like IFTTT remains on low priority for eufy.


Thanks for noting that @joshuad11
actually, it seems IFTTT is not in the plans any more. Second feature dropped since inception. Had big hopes on HomeKit and then IFTTT. Lost both of my wishes on this.


wow nice showing the timeline hopefully everything go as plan

@joshuad11 Someone posted a slight fix and a way to integrate IFTT on here. Not sure where or how he did it but one other person said it worked for them

@Tank I guess you are talking about this, but this is oneway of doing it, not sure if it is as good.

Hi There, new to the Eufy Security system, actually just got mine yesterday. Anyway, I see in the time frame above a repeater launch for April/May. Is it a repeater to extend the base range, like a wifi repeater? That would be great, as I have poor signal in the locations where I plan to install my cameras. Thanks!

Looks like April / May has some good stuff coming.

Auto-update thumbnail, snapshot on notification, timestamp are all features I’m looking forward to. TouchID too.

I really hope there are iterative improvements in the ‘recording start’ speed too.

@AnkerSupport, can you PLEASE let us know the latest updates about IFTTT? The last time you told us anything about it, you said something that didn’t make any sense to most of us mere mortals, something like “it is still in the plans but we are considering whether to implement it”. Can you PLEASE give us a final update before the warranty expires? IFTTT was promised, so if it’s not going to be implemented you should give everyone the choice to return the items for a full refund.

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This is not proper IFTTT, this relies on having a mobile device between the trigger and the action, and that the mobile device is turned on and is connected to the network.

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Yes, this is exactly what the repeater is :smile:

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Good news about the motion detection activity zone you have planned. Will this require the “old” base station and / or permanent connection of the camera to power supply?

HomeBase on since 29th of March
Cams on 1.8.3 since 29th of March
still no version history or improvements update
just saying…

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100% correct. I havn’t seen any patchnotes or changelogs since the past 2 or 3 updates! :rage:

That’s not OK! In the first months they even posted the updates at kickstarter:

(Edit: Funny?! … i post a link to the updates section of the kickstarter campain and all what got implemented is the video?! :astonished: Here is the link using trick 17 to post it: - hope this one will work)

But also only partial and from time to time. In the meanwhile they let it grind and neglect criminally their changelog and patchnotes update infos! I don’t know why, but as they do not post any updates and infos anymore, we not even know what they changed, fixed or even which new bugs they have implemented - unacceptable.

But it seems that not enough customers complain about it to force them to finally bring changelogs again (and for the future) … :zipper_mouth:

But as you see, even if we complain since weeks, again and again, and even remind them … @AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical just do not care about! :grimacing:

Hi @yamyam,

Thanks for letting us know your concerns. I already forwarded the details of the case straight to the eufyCam product team, so they can be made aware of the situation.

Please be patient and wait. We’ll consider your advice and improve it as soon as possible. Thanks.