EufyCam Software Release 1.2.3 Won't Work on iOS 12.2

Since my EufyCam software updated itself last night, the app opens and loads, but once fully loaded retreats to the background and is unusable.

Is anyone else getting this issue? Does anyone know if there is any kind of support on the weekend?

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Very poor decision. I’m still on iOS 10.3.3 and know that EufyCam is not for me

There are multiple vulnerabilities on iOS prior to 12.2, if device permits might be a good upgrade to latest iOS version.

IOS 11 had issues. 10 was great

Sometimes an upgrade is a downgrade. :wink:

App developers have fast stopped supporting iOS 10, sooner or later users are forced to upgrade, plus it’s always good to be on secure platform, latest the better

kumar.sachin : here’s 345 known vulnerabilities with 10.3.3 of which 53 are severe.

Why would developers spend time developing something for an insecure and out of date operating system?


uninstall app and reinstall seems to fix issue for others on 12.2

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I haven’t tried IOS 12.2 yet, will post the results when I have it (probably tonight)

I know i know, sarcarsm and malicious joy is the last what you want to read now, it won’t help you currently and i probably will get hated by some of you apple fanboys … but there is a very simple solution:

Buy Android Smartphones! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_imp: :laughing: :innocent:

OK OK … i really hope eufy will fix that problem for you apple guys asap, really, i even pray for you :wink:
And you can make sarcastic jokes about us (me), as soon as the app is failing on android, so … never! :tongue:

and you think 12.2 has 0 vulnerabilities?
well just wait for a few weeks and they will be found.

Hey, it may not be even related to apple or IOS, this is just one user saying. Let’s wait and see if anyone else tried it out and have same issue.

Here are 5 of them

iOS 12.3 has 86 of them

Bottom line is that every manufacturer wants to scare the user into upgrading so that eventually the hardware can be slowed down to a point of requiring an upgrade.

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Apple iOS is more secure than Android - any day, anytime… Android is a good platform but has so much segmentation, all versions scattered, all over the place and so much more malware, spyware, and more…

Apple iOS too has it, but definitely less than Androids…

Finally comes down to personal choice, be updated or be hacked for few apps to work well :joy:

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iOS 12.3 is not yet released and in beta / developer release, so the bugs will definitely go down or reduce when it’s ready for general release

As said on kickstarter already some days ago, i also have massive problems with the android app last weeks. The app is crashing mutliple times daily. (most while playback of recorded videos)
So the iOS app users are not alone :wink:

Its not personal, its business.
Bottom line is you’re using an outdated operating system that will NEVER be patched and want developers to waste time and money to create a compatible app for an OS that is 2 MAJOR releases behind, has reached End Of Life and probably used by 3-4% of people who have iphones.
EOL is a natural part of product life cycle in business. All OS’s and products go through it.
Its drilled into your brain using that horrible SDLC model in college, yuk

I want to use my old Palm Vx but dammit no one creates for it anymore because its dead and there is no money to be made

I thought the app is not working on 12.2? its the latest, magical version :grin:

No @kumar.sachin as pointed out by @yamyam they have the same issue in Android OS so it’s more related to eufy Firmware upgrade.
just kidding, you will not argue now that you want to stay with previous release FW :joy:
@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport Please look into eufysecurity app crash issue.

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