EufyCam Smart Detection

Has Eufy given up on Smart detection/a.i.? The version they sell on amazon says it doesn’t support smart detection, and the kickstarter smart detection doesn’t work at all. I don’t think I’ve had it recognize someone a single time in the ~7 months I’ve had it. And there’s no way to have it learn like on the nest hello. And I haven’t seen or heard about any updates since the launch.

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if they don’t advertise it, the camera probably doesn’t have the feature.

I know the eufycam e doesn’t have it, I have the kickstarter version that does, but they seem to have done nothing with the smart detection since launch, which didn’t work then, and the new devices they’re releasing don’t support smart detection, so seems like they’ve just given up on it.

Do you have the eufycam E or the original eufycam?

The eufycam E does not support AI smart detection, while the original eufycam does support AI smart detection

That’s not 100% correct, as BOTH, eufy cam original and eufy cam E, support facial detection A.I.

It only depends on the HOMEBASE which is used.

Homebase Original = A.I. :heavy_check_mark:
Homebase E = A.I. :heavy_multiplication_x:


This IS the answer !


My question is not whether my stuff supports A.I. It’s whether or not Eufy even supports it. I have the original homebase and cameras, I know they support the A.I. that Eufy offers. However, is Eufy even doing any development to make the A.I. even worth anything? I have setup 15 or so people in their smart detection (myself included). And over 7 months, I have never been notified that a specific person was detected, only that a person was detected. There is no way to improve their A.I. such as with the nest hello where it shows a picture of someone it caught but did not recognize and you can select that the unrecognized person is actually person “a”. Then next time it’s more likely to get it right. Eufy as far as I know has done no work on their A.I. and if their newer product doesn’t even have support for it, that seems to be a signal that they just abandoned their A.I. efforts.

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@Naeblis To be honest?! … no, never, ever (again).


The eufy cam A.I. facial recognition was always just a “gimmick” and nice to have but never worked as it should and expected and also never was worth it to use it sensefull in a productive way. I guess it was only “made” for pushing the kickstarter campaign and to “try it”. As soon as they noticed they “failed” with the A.I. - they “stopped” it … how? Read on:

An indication for that all is the fact that just shortly after the retail markt release, they just “promote, push and talk about” the later releases “newer” version eufy cam E(!) whose homebase doesn’t support and offer A.I. anymore … there must be a reason for that. Think it over.

Anway … even if they still would believe in their A.I., they currently have still so much issues and things to do, they would not even have TIME to work on the A.I. - not before much more essential features like THE HORRIBLE RANGE (range extender) and the USELESS ACTIVITY ZONES (we told them already multiple time how to do it correctly) are finally working and are released or implemented.

For the current situation i am happy to have “some kind of” facial A.I. but only see it as gimmick and use it only to see if the cam recognized any person or face at all, in the overview of the recorded videos. So it is nice this way … but sure, not how many of you wants it to work and how it was promised in the campaign.

But to be honest again … other issues are much more urgent than the A.I. - in my opinion.

But as it sadly looks currently, we should be ever be happy about if eufy continues to develop, improved and fix eufy cam issues … at the moment … just silence and maybe the disappointing beginning of the end, of eufy cam :-1:

Many promises made, most of them not kept.
Many open issues, most of them since months.
Many many users helping out and reporting and even telling eufy how to do it right, but they don’t listen, can’t listen, don’t want to listen … don’t know.

Very unsatisfactory situation for all eufy cam owner in these times.

So let’s hope anker and eufy will wake up again and remind themself about their promise:
“We want to make eufy cam the most perfect security cam on the market!”

… we had been on the way to it … but since weeks, we are more and more away from it.

In short: Currently and with so many open issues and needed fixes and improvements, i would not expect any work on the A.I. in the near future at all. Sorry :worried:

Think they need to ask Google for help, the nest doorbell ai works brilliantly

I think this is one of those times where anker/eufy could do it, they just won’t due to either laziness or just don’t want to spend money on it.

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I think you and yamyam are right on the money… Anker seems to have realized/concluded that it is not worth the time/money to invest in it further, and it was a gimmick feature for the kickstarter campaign.

It never really was an integral feature to the product. By that I mean that other than putting a thumbnail on the clip, the system doesn’t do anything particularly useful with the facial recognition.

As much as I wish these other features worked flawlessly (or even existed), I am happy overall with my Eufycam system. I like the local storage, battery backup, and wireless setup. I just wish the app could connect to the homebase while offline (same wireless network but no internet).

IMHO the eufycam system is entirely overpriced if the Face ID doesn’t work well…

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The eufy cam is not only because of this overpriced!

A security cam(!) which range is awful, no range extender is available, the activity zone is in the current version useless, the face A.I. is just a gimmick, no company/brand own solar panel available, and many more issues and flaws … is just not perfect at all and only very limited in use!

Anker / Eufy really needs to take care not to lose a lot of reputation, fans and money, if they just continue to do … nothing!

The request are there since months, the community is helping, suggestions and even TO-DO List are available … so BACK TO WORK EUFY … so we can start loving you again!

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Hello! @Naeblis There are two models of eufyCam series, eufyCam (bullet style-old model sold on kickstarter) and eufyCam E (sea snail style-new model). The HomeBase supports AI but the HomeBase E doesn’t.

The facial recognition technology works in 3 steps:

-When the PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor detects motion and body-heat from a moving object,it wakes up the camera and the camera starts recording.
-The AI engine analyzes the figure to determine if it is human or not.
-If a human is detected, the AI engine matches the face to the internal database to determine if it’s a trusted face.

If you possess the eufyCam (old model), you’re able to add the similar faces via the following steps: Slide the left menu and Go to Settings>Smart Detection>Add Familiar Faces.

Our engineers are still trying hard on perfecting the function of Facial Recognition. We’ll also continue forwarding your concern to them and hope they can further improve the function. As a to-be perfect product, we do know there still many aspects of eufyCam that need further polishing. All eufy team members will make every effort to achieve a better user experience in the future!

Ahh; but I’ve heard it doesn’t work :joy:


Any chance you’re working on a way to recognize or ignore animals? My battery life is terrible on my one camera because it goes off constantly when my dog is outside.

You can change notification settings to human only. This will reduce number of alerts.


The “add familiar faces” in the smart detection /settings has just been removed and all the face photos that I have added have all disappeared. Not that this function has ever worked but is this change due to the recent app update? Meaning this issue is finally buried …

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It looks like it has been moved - go to settings/ smart detection/ then hit the arrow next to the home base (that’s where my pics show up)

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My smart detection page, only option is previous page

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