Eufycam Setup and Function

I purchased this camera system to replace an Arlo system that’s been plagued with system troubles for the last two months (I’ve owned it for three years). I thought that nothing could be worse than the constant loss of system function from Arlo and the long waits with login grinding.

This system EufyCam E system is no trip down happiness lane. I Tried to use it in Internet Explorer, thinking that Mozilla was a possible impediment. Still the same issues. This morning, I woke up to a message saying the base station was offline. WHAT!!!

Sigh…I spent $1054 on these cameras and the new base station. Setup was a pain, but I knew how to overcome some of the issues since I already owned an Arlo system. Now that it’s “functioning”, issues are ongoing. Ease of use is pretty nonexistent.

Arlo was a good system to use - ease of use was no problem - consistency was no problem. But they had some kind of breakdown a few months ago that they failed to identify to their customers. I even overcame that, thinking they’d fix it and let us know. When that didn’t happen, I finally went looking for a good camera system to invest in for my outdoor security.

This product is definitely NOT worth buying and dealing with. When you see these messages after a whole night of thinking that you have security cameras working outside, it’s simply the last straw…

That’s a shame. Anker is destroying their reputation over these silly cameras.

When did you buy them? If it’s been less then $30 I believe you can return them for a full refund…

@eufy15 I agree with you that eufy has some issues. But can you provide some details so the members here can try to help you before you hear from service guy.