Eufycam SD card

Hi my 16gb sandisk industrial kept coming up with errors in app, removed, reinserted, rebooted, still the same

I removed it and formatted to fat32 which failed twice then put it back in the homebase which now sees it as 16gb and asks to format but then sits there saying preparing to format

Guess the card has died

Will the homebase support 256gb?
Does it fill then overwrite or do files expire after a period of time?
What write speed is required for 4 cams?

The 256gb cards I’ve been getting I’ve tested & get 68mb/s write & 90mb/s read using laptop internal reader (cf-20)


I believe the official max size is 128 GB, class 10. Once the card fills up, the oldest recordings start getting overwritten.


This is from the Amazon listing “The system supports Class 10 cards and capacities up to 128GB.”

As for the other bits and bobs that you’ve mentioned hopefully some of the other members will be able to help you out. :slight_smile:

Only if the bug i have discovered is already fixed in the meanwhile, see and read here about this bug:

Search for the paragraph “NOW COMES THE BUGS:”


128 GB for sure, 256 GB i doubt, but eufy will tell you soon i guess :wink:
But why 256 GB?! The regular 16 GB SD-card which comes with the homebase is already handling several thousand(!) videos before it is full (see my test link above). 256 GB will probably handle about 40-60K videos! :stuck_out_tongue:

:information_source: In general it is a very good idea to format the sd-card (in the homebase and with use of the app) from time to time or after bigger updates of the firmware. This is my experience.


Try format the SD card with homebase/app, this may work. As @yamyam mentinoed, 16GB will handle several thousands of videos before they start overwriting, you may save $$ for other investments in Anker Gear :sunglasses:
256GB is not supported by the system. It only supports upto 128GB which is way more than enough.

Formatted in homebase 4 times, when it fails not matter how many times you reset / power cycle it it wont read the card or let you format it until its put in a PC and formatted to fat32, even in PC it sometimes fails, once formatted it will work for approximately 1 hour before being unable to read it

256gb is only £7/8 more than 128gb and I’ve had better write speeds

Started having issues after changing one camera to 2mins recording but card now fails with that cam disabled

can’t see why anything released in the last couple of years wouldn’t support 512gb

Probably, but … why … whyyyy … whyyyyyyy?! :open_mouth:
If you replace the original 16 GB SD-Card with a new one, it costs like … uhm … “nothing”?!
Of course, you can also use a bigger SD-Card, 32, 64, 128 … whatever, but makes not realy sense to me. If you want to save up or backup videos, you need to save it to your mobile phone anyway (currently) and can then move it whereever you want. Else it will get overwritten sometime. No matter if 16 or 128 GB. And again: 16 GB will handle several thousand videos already, who needs more? And write speeds?! Serious? Ever checked what video codec eufy homebase uses to save the files and how big they are? You could even “slow down” the current original 16 GB sd card to the half of its speed and it probabl will still be enough for the eufy homebase :smile: So writing speed is soooo much unimportant in this case. (Except you would have plenty of cams running at the same time and all of them would frequently and simultaneously would write data, then ok)

The eufy homebase probably will also handle 256 GB or even 512 GB sd-cards, even if not officialy supported. You just need to try it! … I got a PVR which only officialy supports up to 32 GB SD-Cards and i am running a 128 GB SD-Card with it since years without a problem. Only testing it will let you know if it works, or fails. But again: For this case (eufy homebase and cams) 512 GB would be like shooting for sparrows with cannons! A 512 GB SD-Card would handle close to 100K videos … insane :scream:


Interesting, 16gb card can hold those many recordings. What is the recorded file format used in Eufycam, is it MP4, AvI or Anker Proprietary Compressed video format?

Here is your detailed answer:

Sadly it is just H.264 (quite outdated and oldschool) instead of H.265 (which got much better video quality with even less memory requirements!) or the even better open, royalty-free video coding format AV1! It can have 20% higher data compression than VP9 or HEVC/H.265 from the Moving Picture Experts Group and about 50% higher than the widely used AVC.

And sadly number 2, eufy cam just records in FHD instead of UHD (4K), while most new security cams already record in 4K. Also here the 1080p is some kind of “oldschool”. Not saying the quality of the eufy cam footage is bad, no. But you frequently see kind of “video fragments” and “visual disturbance” where you can follow the codec trying to do its best to “cluster” video information and fails sometime. (hard to explain in english) I mean: Video quality is good, but could be in the meanwhile and state of the art, much better.



Thank you for the detailed explanation :thumbsup: @yamyam

Anker may include the newer technology in future products,


Detailed analysis. Thanks and good job

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The HomeBase uses it’s own specific format, so FAT32 would not work. The HomeBase will detect and require that the SD card is re-formatted.

If you continue to have this issue, please contact our support team at

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So this is the day when several SD cards started to die… I’ll guest more people will come here looking why Homebase asks users to format the sd card. The simple answer is, formatting wont help, the card has died or is about to die?

I have not seen many complaints about SD card, what exactly going on? did you format the card before? did it ask only when the eufycam updated to new firmware?
Need some details so one of us can assist you.

Do you have any other SD cards you can try?

Hello, I bump this topic because when I do a google search “eufycam sd card base” It’s one than come out on the top of the google result :wink:

Using a bigger SD card can have several utility :wink:

One is than normally SD card have a rollover writing system, which will use the sector that has not been written for the longest time. This mean even if you don’t need more space to record your video, bigger SD card can be usefull too to get a better lifetime for the Sd card.
And offcourse if you use many cam, having more space allows to keep video archives longer.

As the price of SD card is now quite cheap, it for me a good idea to support the largest possible sd cards :slight_smile:

If we can use sd card in the camera and in the base, this mean having a 2 levels storage system that will probably means you don’t need to put a Nas to to secure recordings.

I will buy some set from amazon and do some test, and let you know the result.

Bests regards,

sorry for my bad english I’m french :stuck_out_tongue: