EufyCam - Rotate Camera video option in Eufy Security App

One of my cameras I have to attach to the side of the house and have looking down the side of it, it is getting a ton of IR reflection but I noticed rotating the camera on it’s side improves it a ton. Can we get an option to rotate the picture in the app in 90 degree increments? Other ip camera apps have this function and it is quite helpful.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll be forwarding this to our engineers! ( :


Desperately need to be able to rotate the screen to vertical, could you please check if this feature is on the roadmap?


I’d love that feature too.
If you could set it so that the camera knew which orientation it was in it would be helpful.

I’m using it for the front door and I get better coverage with it at 90degrees rotation. In landscape mode, 1/4 of each side of the image is wall, whereas in portrait I get the whole doorway and the approach up to the door as well. In landscape, I either get a good shot of the doorway or the approach, but not both.



Me too. I want to use a 2C to monitor a staircase where mounting options are limited and the native, wide angle, format could be much better utilised if the camera could be mounted at 90 degrees to the usual orientation.

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Would also really like a rotation feature. I think that 180 degrees (so that the motion sensor is above the lense) would dramatically improve motion detection when the camera is mounted higher than the optimal height and pointed more downwards.

Here’s another vote to add the rotate function. I have a similar situation at my front door where a portrait field of view would work much better than the current landscape profile.

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Completely agree and was about to post this as a new topic (I’m not the only one). The USP is that at 90 degrees you can look at the doormat where packages are left and also catch people as they aforesaid. Other cameras need two lenses to achieve this… Eufy, you don’t, just give us a function in the app!


Please add video rotation to the camera settings. (0-90-180-270) so video is shown and recorded properly no matter how it’s mounted.

Then also make sure the human motion detection uses this new setting, as currently this feature doesn’t seem to work well when it’s mounted at 270 degrees. (Need to use the any motion detection option instead)


Hi, just searched for how to activate the vertical orientation.
Same problem here, 40% of the view is covered by the wall. Vertical orientation would improve the field of view.
Please add such a function, that also works with person recognition.

Bye Stephan…

Add me to the list of wanting this feature.

Hi. I need this feature too…on Doorbell

Please add me to the list. My doorbell can only be installed upside down. I need a way to rotate it 180 degree. Thanks

I need to mount the doorbell in horizontal . Please help to rotate cam view 90 degrees

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+1 for this feature.

It’s been outstanding for nearly 2 years now, is there any progress with this?

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I also need this rotation feature, can you please include this in your next update Anker/Eufy?

Please add this! Need 90 and 270 degrees. Thanks!!


Please add this feature!

Feb 2021 checking in.
Add me to the list of needing this feature.

Same situation.
Camera at the front door and a long driveway.

I turned the camera 90°.
But the person detection does not work.
And the motion detection is very poor.

Is there a solution to the problem.