EufyCam Recommendations!

Hi there,

So I have received my kickstarter eufy camera - and it is brilliant. Set up was so easy - the sound and image are excellent and the connectivity is pretty good - although as some others have mentioned, distance can be a problem.

As you’d expect there are one or two little niggles, or requests that I’d love to be included in the next update:

I think the first and most important thing - which would iron out a number of problems/requests would be to implement user determined motion zones.

Eufy Motion Zones could look and work like this >>>

  1. Even though I have added ‘safe faces’ it doesnt really recognise the safe people too often.
    I notice that the camera is clever enough to isolate faces - and you can click on the face and the app shows you the face a little larger —what seems to be missing here is a ‘Add this face to safe list’ function —you would think that the software could be 'learning software - so the more images of the same person it collects - the more likely the software can make a positive ID on safe faces…

  2. Camera Timestamps out of sync with Timezone: I am in London GMT 00 - and I have set that in the device preferences - so something that happens at 06:05 am - is written on the film clip as 02:05PM… Further to this, another oddity 02:05 should actually be AM… and not PM?

Ok thanks for listening and keep up the good work!


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Looking forward to have something similar !

Thank you for the suggestions! Forwarded!!