EufyCam problems

Hi we have just purchased the Eufycam Kit with 4 Cameras (not Eufycam E).

We are having issues with settings in some cases not taking effect unless the Homebase is reset.
The cameras do not work reliably unless they are in ‘All Alerts’ mode, ‘Person Alerts’ allows me to walk around without any notification or recording taking place (the motion sensor light does display).
The video clips are only recording for about 10 seconds although we have the cameras set in Optimal Surveillance’ mode.
The Homebase alarm does not always sound, this is not a problem for us as we have decided we don’t really want to alert intruders where the Homebase is anyway.

Any thoughts on these issues would be appreciated.

What is the signal strength being reported for the cameras? Do you have the issues if you move them closer to the homebase?

Make sure your homebase is up to date and that the cameras are up to date as well.

If you’re still having issues after that you’re better off reaching out to support directly.

Signal strength excellent.
Firmware is current on Homebase and Cameras.
Maybe support is the best way although I thought they checked these forums but I think I saw an email address referred to somewhere.

They do on occasion but you’ll have better luck contacting them directly

They are on holiday until the 6th/7th

You can change from optimal to custom and set the record length that you would prefer

I’m with you and think having the alarm inside the homebase is a bad idea, if someone breaks in and hears the homebase they can remove it or the SD card & you won’t have any footage