Eufycam original or Eufycam E?

I currently have Eufycam E however I need additional cameras.

I have the option to buy the original Eufycam, but not sure if it is worth swapping?

I can’t see any reason to have more than one base unit, therefore I would use one or the other. Why do some people have more??

A bit concerned that the original one will stop getting updates if it is not actively being made now.

Is the original a lot better?

The cameras are much larger, so that is a negative. Eufycam E cameras are nice and compact.

Just not sure if effectively swapping the base unit is worth it. Or do I just buy new Eufycam E cameras?

Opinions welcome…

I think your best option would be to buy additional eufycam E’s.

Additional cameras can be purchased here.

Good luck with your decision! And happy Easter!

I don’t think eufy stopped making original home bases at the least. Which are known for the AI features. If you have an original home base it makes sense to buy an E cam which saves some money and does work same as original and you can still enjoy AI features as you are syncing these with original HB.

I don’t like the eufycam E (eufycam 2.0) at all, as it is ugly and looking like any other available cams from the competitors and like a cam from the restraund of a electronics shop, if you know what i mean. If i check out the neighbourhood, the most have cheap noname security cams for about 30-50 bucks at their walls and they look all exactly like the eufycam E, boring.

I rather would like to buy the original eufycam too!
But all i see and be able to buy everywhere and on amazon and original website is the eufycam E(!)

But this is a matter of taste i guess.

It has better IP rating and more noticeable design, but else it should be equal.

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