eufyCam or eufy Security app compromised? App sending me to sketchy link

Got these odd looking “upgrade” notifications from the eufy Security app which is updated to the latest version.

Clicking on them opens the app and immediately then redirects to Safari with this link.

Looking online, that site seems like it’s an Android and iPhone package app installer site. No thanks…
What’s going on? The cameras and homebase are already on the latest FW as well.

Who has time for eufycam when your army is ready to take into battle :joy:

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Perhaps they got me?

But seriously though, what’s up with the Chinese link redirect?
This has me considering getting rid of the devices.

Looks like the phone couldn’t see the app store & as China blocks Google it assumes that you must be in China if you haven’t got app store so takes you to a Chinese APK hosting site

Strange as I’m in the US and VPN wasn’t turned on or anything. Plus this is on iOS.

Also I’ve never seen the App send a notification about an “Upgrade” before. (And everything is up to date anyhow)

O that is odd

thats for beta testing app, are you beta testing eufy cam or eufy security app?

whats odd is its an old version. When i was beta testing kickstarter version we would get those randomly. Its like testflight but chinese version of testflight

Nope, it’s the regular version from the Apple App Store.

:rofl: I was thinking the same thing…:v: