Eufycam Notifications


Does Eufycam need to send a movement notification to the app everytime someone (known faces) move, My desk is in front of the camera and I get 30 - 40 movement notifications of myself an hour. Admittedly the alarm doesn’t go off - but the number of notifications is annoying. I’ve tried reducing the sensitivity to no effect as i’m literally 4 feet away from the camera - but it is the best position for the camera when the flat is empty.

Any suggestions on how this can be stopped or minimised?

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Roy Jackson

Go into Home Mode and disable (uncheck) push notifications for that camera.

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The sensitivity is the best solution to this, as notifications will stream in for both known and unknown faces. What truly changes is what type of notification you get (known/unknown)

Yeah, it’s pretty lame. You should be able to customise notifications for alot of things… I.e. for individual recognised faces.

Be cautious as this setting will stop sending any notification in home mode for that camera.