Eufycam Notification delays

Anybody else have this problem or just me?
Motion sensor triggered notification is delayed and there is no fixed time, getting alerts on my phone sporadically.
Eufycam didn’t even record any event this afternoon, as I know there was activity in front of camera.

It was all fine this morning and I don’t see any firmware update.

And I keep getting open/close notifications almost every 2 minutes…:sob:
Contacted eufy live chat and Evan said eufy is aware of it and working on the fix.

Hmmmmm! No issues really… guess I am one of the fortunate ones. Now you have me double checking my eufy gear!

I experienced delays earlier with notifications… then this happened:

yes same issue here in Australia today; everything seems to be back up and running however im not getting push notifications either…? disappointing

Mine seems to be working now.

G’Day. As for delayed notifications, a response from Eufy stated that the product is not perfect in any way, I agree. I, too, am invested. Nevermind the 16 devices per base station; I KNOW, DON’T DO THAT! You will need to be prepared for more than one base station. Have one as a quick responder and add no more than two devices such as the doorbell and one door/motion sensor, not a camera. That will give you quick responses. But remember if you have two base station and will need a dedicated keypad for each additional base station; Eufy is working on that, too. By the way, if one camera captures an event and is currently recording, everything else is bunk until that camera stops recording and releases the channel. Other cameras may or may not record and notify you of anything. Work around this by having no two cameras record the same scene. Yes, that goes against commonly known security tactics. Cute little product, I like, but keep in mind that this PRODUCT IS A NOVELTY and is one very small part of your overall security system. There are significant flaws in all security systems. You are not to depend on this system or any other for anything other than a NOVELTY or you may wake-up dead. Mix it up and also add cameras from a different manufacturer. Reolink does not perform as well but it’s a good mix. You are depending on one camera for too much
You need one camera for every 150 SqFt of property. Add invisible dual-break beam sensors (invisible trip wire). Add motion sensing lighting. Keep additional exterior lights on. Add smart timers to your interior lights that wag on/off all during the night to simulate insomnia. If you have a security system, swap signs with your neighbor down the road or buy an ADT sign kit from ebay. Absolutely Never use those warning stickers that come with Eufy, Simply Safe, etc., Because it tells the crook how to disable your things and they know too much already. You want as many preemptive alerts as possible Before an intruder reaches your house. When they open your door or window, they are on top of you in two seconds; three seconds for a clumsy novice. You are not fast enough to react properly when someone has opened the door or eased through your window and found your guns. It is just not right to be shot with your own gun. Ask if you can sell them the gun then let them shoot you; much better. Anywho, the Eufy system might delay an important alert and that can happen with almost any other system but customers deserve to know that beforehand. The devil with “it’s not perfect and we are working on it”. But it does have some advantages in that video is not stored in the camera device itself but in the base station that you hid in your house. Funny, don’t forget to hide a spare key to your front door under the front door mat. But okay, please use a different key, eh? That extra rattling might help you and Eufy system detect the intruder. I can go on and on. Just saying that I have spent significant amounts of time WATCHING cat burglars and I know exactly how they get past all of your stuff. Eufy will help and for that reason, I recommend. Add a motion sensor to your she I monkey rigged a door sensor for the mailbox; works great in a sealed container.