Eufycam Not Recording

Got my cameras and installed them. Love the cameras and for the first 24hrs they were great. Last 30 ish hours I have gotten notifications about motions but no recordings. I have restarted the base but same.

Edit: RESOLVED. For now. I reformatted the SD card and it seems to be working now. Support has been helpful and I feel they would have come to this solution but I’m impatient.

Edit 2: doing the same thing again. Going to switch back to the 16gb card that comes with and see what happens.

Hi @kvandenh1 , as this is a relatively new product with limited footprint still within the community I would suggest you contact or even send a private message if backed via Kickstarter for a faster support response.

Feel free to report back on what they suggest as it could help other members in the future!


Thanks! I have sent feedback from within the app. I will also update back once I get it resolved so if others have this problem there will be something


where did you buy them ? is it from the kickstarter campaign?

That’s a great way to get help. I use this feature for both Eufy and Roav Products and the support staff is quick about getting back to you.

Please let us know what was the issue and how it was resolved if you can.

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Yep got them from KS.

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Just curious - what size and brand card were you using before you switched back? Did switching back to the 16GB card resolve your issue? I put in a 128GB SanDisk class 10 card and it took 2 or 3 formats to get it to not show that the card was already full. However, I have noticed that videos I have already deleted (neighbor’s cat likes to parade in front of the camera daily) are showing back up in my events.