eufyCam New Software Release Notes and New App Preannouncement

Dear eufyCam users,

It’s time to share with you our product improvements for January.

We’re releasing HomeBase v1.0.7.2 and eufyCam v1.7.6.
Your system will apply the new software automatically when idle and should be no later than January 28th.

The major release notes are as follows:

  1. Launched Alexa Skill. Now user who has Alexa Echo Show/Spot can say “Alexa, show me the front door.” to activate the camera and live-stream to Echo Show/Spot. Please go to Side Menu - Settings - Smart Integration for instructions. Currently the Alexa Skill supports English only and we will add multi-language support in the future.

  2. Improved the accuracy of Facial Recognition.

  3. Improved the delay when streaming to Alexa Echo Show/Spot.

  4. Improved the wireless performance by optimizing video transmission protocol.

  5. Fixed the bug where the camera would stream all the time and drain the battery faster when streaming to Alexa Echo Show/Spot.

  6. Fixed the bug where the camera displays 12PM as 00AM.

  7. Fixed the bug where the system may not send notification for Entry Sensor occasionally.

And we expect to release new App v1.1.6 in the last week of January as well.
You will receive in-App notification when the new App is available.

The major release notes are as below:

  1. Added Custom Working Mode for eufyCam. Now the user can customize the recording length and retriggering interval for specific camera. This will let user finetune the parameters for specific camera if they think some recordings start too late or end too early.

  2. Extended the Motion Detection sensitivity range. User can set the sensitivity higher or lower than before. This is to avoid excessive false alarms or short motion- detection range. We highly recommend users use the Test Mode to set the proper sensitivity.

  3. Added Notification Settings for eufyCam, which includes All Events, Human Only and Best Effort Facial Alert.

-All Events.
User will receive “Motion Detected” notification on all events, including humans, cars and animals. Notification is prompt but could be too frequent.

-Human Only.
User will receive “Someone has been spotted” notification on human events exclusively. Notification is more specific and less frequent, but could be slightly delayed because of the extra time required for Human Detection.

-Best Effort Facial Alert.
User will receive notification with face thumbnail or Facial Recognition result exclusively. Notification may take up to 5s to send, as the AI engine needs more time to detect and screen faces. The delay varies on environment lighting condition, the angle of the face and the distance.

  1. Added Check for HomeBase Firmware on iOS App. Now both Android and iOS App support manual firmware upgrade (Side Menu - My Devices - HomeBase - Device Info - Check for HomeBase Firmware).

  2. Added Device Display Order. User can adjust the device display order on Side Menu - Settings - Device Display Order.

Here’s a glance to our development plan.
We met some difficulty in development and some features were postponed, but we are catching up.

Feel free to reach out to us at or share your thoughts here on our community.

The Eufy Security Team


This sounds like a fantastic update and, potentially, promises to resolve a lot of problems.

Excellent work.

Especially looking forward to extending the motion sensitivity range, however I want to ask: would setting the sensitivity to maximum on the new scale be ‘more sensitive’ than it is at maximum now?

E.g. Current scale is 0-75, assume the new scale is 0-100. Is 100 in future == 75 now? Out the front of my house I often don’t get detected until it’s too late and I would like to be able to extend this.

I don’t have it yet but it seems very good the constant work to improve the functionality of the device :clap::clap::clap:

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Surprised IFTTT isn’t on there.


I love the improved communication and transparency with development and installation of new updates!

Almost makes me feel like I’m in the war room too!

Great job and keep up the good work!


Great update, thanks. I especially like the new per camera settings. Would it be possible to change the wording on the notification (if not already done, haven’t had a chance to test)? Say I have everything mode on, perhaps “motion detected” would be better wording than “someone has been spotted”, which would be used for human mode? Or if everything mode is on, “motion detected” is the notification for most things and “someone has been spotted” (or more concisely, “person detected”) is when a human is detected. Thanks for all the work!

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Thank you! Love the updates and the communication!! Great job.

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Awesome !
Great to see you guys improving the system on a regular basis.
Looking forward to the day I’ll ba able to buys add-on cameras to expend my system.
In regard to Alexa compatibility, hope you guys will quickly introduce additional languages because it’s very frustrating to only see US supported…

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I’m looking forward to that Custom Working Mode and updated Notification Settings in the new app!

I also appreciate the timeline of feature releases. I like that this system keeps getting better and better… I will take that over a “finished product” release where I have to buy upgrades to get the new features.

So forget IFTTT ?
I gave up on Apple Homekit too.:frowning:

My cameras appear to have the new firmware but my homebase says it is up to date with What is needed to get the new firmware on my homebase? Thanks.

Correct. The scale in the newest version of the app will have a much wider range (0-100).

We are having some difficulties implementing IFTTT and are exploring other solutions.

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So the maximum sensitivity level is more sensitive than the maximum now?

Thank you.

Just got the IOS APP updated to 1.1.6. will test the new functions.
According to below image of project timelines, Alexa to be rolled out by January. Is it only to US customers or worldwide?

I have the latest firmware and app versions but do not see the custom working mode nor the custom notification settings. Can you clarify where in the new app these are located? Thanks!

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Only US… So disapointing… :frowning:

It is only to US customers, for the time being.