eufyCam New App Release Notice and Software Upgrade Status

Dear Backers,

Merry Christmas!

We released a new version of the app (1.1.0) for Android and iOS recently and would like to share the release notes with you.

  1. Add notification permission to shared devices. Users who want to share camera notification to their family members or friends can now share this permission. To do it, please upgrade to the latest App and go to Side Menu - Family & Guests - Invite, and select “Advanced”. This option shares notifications to family & guest accounts.
  2. Fixed the bug that some Android phones could not receive notifications when running in the background on some Android systems.
  3. Fixed the bug that iPhone might not receive notifications sometimes.
  4. Fixed some other bugs.

Users can go to the Eufy Security page on Google Play or App Store to update the App.
To refresh and make all functions updated, please log out and log in the App after the upgrade.

We apologize for the delay regarding the HomeBase software upgrade, which was planned to release this week:
The reason behind this was that we found a bug on this version that could potentially cause the camera to stop detecting or recording events. We recalled this version urgently and have been working on version v1.0.6.6. We have begun to deploy this version to all users. Your system will be upgraded before the end of next week.

Again, we really appreciate your support with our project and we will be working harder to deliver a dream product to you all.

Thank you and happy holidays,

The Eufy Security Team


I don’t have a eufy cam but I do appreciate the update, keep up the good work.

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Yes indeed, glad to see so much work is going Into making this work


Only thing is most people don’t understand they are buying a product that is still in development when they purchase something from Kickstarter. It would be nice if Anker considered a short warning with something to that effect with their next Kickstarter funded project so people don’t freak out when they get their item and it still has a few bugs.


It’s the less of two evils really. Would you rather have the product sooner and let Anker work out the kinks and bugs whilst you use the product or wait longer to get the cams whilst they exterminate all the bugs.

I’d be more than happy to use it whilst they iron out the wrinkles because I have faith in Anker and they are giving detailed updates on what’s being fixed.

But I also understand that new people to the brand wouldn’t have the same faith in them as we do.


I think they made a huge mistake.

Why EUFY did’nt offer a pile of that cameras to beta-testers?
Here we have a lot of more than experienced “employees” :grin: which would have tested it properly.

This would have prevented MANY of that issues.


Agreed they could have included a short questionnaire with the beta cams with questions like camera distance from base, wall composure ect

Nothing like real world testing to get the bugs out.


Glad to see that the team is releasing updates quickly! :thumbsup:

I dont know how they have tested it, but as far we see there’s quite a mess.
BUT “enough said” :grin:

I don’t see it as a mess, if you look at it soley from a Kickstarter campaign and take brand name recognition out of it then it’s just like any startup. There will be issues and kinks to iron out, but this is what separates the good companies from the bad in that they actually care and are willing to go to length to fix the issues.

And while I agree having beta testers would have been good, it’s also a new product that required crowdfunding to help make. So they didn’t invest and waste money in something that might not have been a hit


Do you know if there were any beta testers?

I insist on my statement they were no such ones enough.

It doesn’t matter a product is created by kickstarter and/or crowd funding.

May be you would understand there could be some issues showing up
with that product, but the “normal” customers will not understand.

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Honestly I don’t know if they used beta testers or not, I’m not that in the loop of things. Although there are many here who actually are and know more about things than they let on


@elmo41683 wish we were one of those lucky ones!


The next time I am sure they will do better! :grin:

Merry Christmas to you all my friends!


It’s a dangerous walk, releasing early n debugging after.

The 1970s and 80s, the British car manufacturers did the same… Release a car, then sort out the problems. Trouble was, they never really sorted the problems, and cheaper more reliable foreign cars were coming over, so people stopped buying British cars.

I think America had a similar problem with their cars, and the same happened.

It always better to delay, and send out fixed first. Troubles will come if you’re found to constantly do this… Ask for money by certain date, and by certain date you get the product, but it’s always late. Then if that happens people will invest elsewhere.

I’m glad I’m not in charge and having to make decisions like this!

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Nice suggestions, I think we could learn a lesson from eufycam project.:innocent:


Yeah, if we have demand next time, we will definitely recruit many beta testers from community fans.:sunglasses:


We are here and really ready to help.
I think you all know this!:grin:


Any idea when the Eufy Cam will be officially sold directly by Eufy and Amazon (and not using Kickstarter)?

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