EufyCam: Need to relogin each time is a big drawback

I got the EufyCamera from the Kickstarter campaign. If it were not for one fatal flaw, I would love it. But this flaw keeps me from recommending it and wishing I had bought the Arlo. I’m quite disappointed in it.

You can only stay logged into the app from one device. If multiple people ( or devices) will be accessing the camera, unless yours was the last one to access the camera, you must login again. And it doesn’t even allow you to save the credentials - you must re-enter them every time. This makes accessing the camera a 10-15 second proposition, which renders it useless to get a quick live look at what is happening.

We are working on multiple users having admin acess feature. This will be addressed in a software update.

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It is unacceptable for me that I can only be logged in on one device, if I log in on another, I will be logged out on the first one. I know that they wanted to tackle the problem as early as December 2018. But so far nothing has happened.

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