Eufycam Multiple Homes

Is it possible to monitor two separate homes with the Eufy Security app?

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Yes, you can.

Thanks. How does it work? I don’t see an option to add a second address?

There is a simple way … you install a second system on another location with another eufy account and share this with your first account. This works for me fine, my own house an the house of a friend, we booth use a eufy 2C system. So i got full access to 7 cams without switching the account


I think it is even easier: If you set up the home base with your account at the second location, this is also available in the app. It is only about the account with which the home base is connected, whether by LAN or WiFi. Access via the app is independent of the current location of the cell phone or tablet.

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can I set 2 home bases in 1 home, on the same network? The front and back of my house are too far apart for 1 base station, the signal in not strong enough.

Yes that works. You can setup up to 16 cams on one homebase, 2 or more homebases in the same network are possible.

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