eufyCam multiple bases vs one base with additional cameras


I have purchased the 4 eufyCam (not E) and pretty happy with those so far and need to add another 4.

What I discovered is that the base station doesn’t need to connect to Ethernet cable and can be connected via WiFi.
This should be great as it makes it easier to move the base around to get a better signal for the cameras.

So what I was thinking to do is buying another set of 4 (with a 2nd base station) which should allow me arranging the cameras in optimal configuration.

So my plan is to:

  • base 1 - plugged into ethernet
  • base 2 - opposite side of the house, connected using WiFi but closer to the other set of cameras
  • 4 + 4 cameras arranged as close as possible to their base stations

Are there any downsides to this configuration (other than obvious WiFi vs Ethernet) from the app perspective?

Can a camera from one base station trigger an alarm on all bases?
Are there any gotchas from the iOS app perspective (multiple users)?

Has anyone done similar and would you recommend for/against such setup?

Thanks in advance

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@dnagir How did you go with this? I don’t think anyone has tried this.

I ended up bying 2x4 sets. My local shop had a promo and it was cheaper than getting additional cameras anyway.

I didn’t like using 2 bases as I would have to switch the modes for each base which is annoying. Also each base would need to have similar modes setup and customised.

So I ended up using 1 base getting a fairly good signal everywhere except 1 camera which is on a low side but still is fine.

My biggest surprise (in a good way) was that the base doesn’t need to be connected to the router via cable and it can just use WiFi.

This allowed me to move the base around to get the best signal for all cameras and I’m quite happy with this setup.
So the connection is this Camera <-- Base's WiFi --> Base <-- My WiFi --> Router.

What do you mean by switching the modes for each base? I have a similar situation and was going to use 2 bases to solve my signal strength issue. Thanks in advance.

The modes are setup for each base so with two bases you’ll have to change the mode twice - one on each base.

For example, when you want to arm - you have to select the appropriate mode on first base then wait for it to change and then do again in the second one.

Is the system not always “armed”? Can both bases be monitored by the same app?

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