EufyCam - multiple base stations, wireless mesh


I have multiple EufyCam home bases. the main reason for the second base is to provide increased wireless range (i am using these cameras to monitor various out buildings)

it would be great if EufyCam cameras and bases supported roaming and mesh technologies.
This would allow me to saturate an area with wireless and allow the cameras to pair to the home base with the strongest signal.

are there any plans to improve the wireless options for the home base?
also could the alarm function be chained so that when one base alarms it alarms on the others?


Good points @Daniel_Broomfield, I doubt that is possible to do it like wifi mesh with these home bases, even if they can, not any sooner.
Send an email to, they might put it in their list at the least.

I was thinking of buying also 2 sets with 2 base stations to cover a larger area. Is thing giving issues or are both bases working as independent sets? Can both be monitored by the app (iOS)?

I’m sure I’m a bit late to the party here. But I have 2 base stations and I’m a bit bothered. Yes you can have them both in app and everything is seamless EXCEPT you cannot IFTTT between base stations. For instance my front base station with my 1 front cam cannot be a trigger for anything on my let’s say back of the house base station that has 3 cams on it. It’s really quite upsetting. What I would like to happen would be for my front cam to detect and record as well as my driveway cam which is out of detection range but still has plenty of visible area to cover. Then if my driveway cam goes off to start recording on my rear camera and front camera so that I always have all areas covered and monitored in case someone comes from either the back of my garage (property line) and runs to the front or goes from the front to the back.

TLDR the base stations and their synced devices cannot interact with each other across base stations. But you can have more then 1 base station and monitor and control them seamlessly.