Eufycam long type IR reflection off wall causing white blowout

Just purchased eufycam, the newer type with long cameras, I’m having a problem being able to use night vision, camera mounted on flat wall, I’m having to angle it so much to see the front porch are that I’m getting what is known as IR reflection from one of the IR less the closest to the wall obviously is reflecting the beam and getting whiteout on a big chunk of the image, if I put tape on the IR closest to the wall will night vision still work? It’s completely unusable in this state for me and may have to return for a refund, personally I think these cameras should have come with longer brackets to pull the camera away from the wall.

Also I’m not getting image quality in night time like a lot of reviews I’ve been seeing, I’ve been seeing a clean clear image at night time yet my looks pixelated like it’s in a lower resolution, is there variation in these sensors without the end consumer knowing?

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Instead of tape over the lens, maybe a dark matte finish “wall” on the side possibly? It could eliminate reflection but not mess with form, fit or function.

Thanks, I’ve mounted them now on these stands to get them away from the wall a little will see how it goes tonight when it’s dark.

The only other slight issue I’m now having is on the screenshot I took motion isn’t getting detected until halfway up the car, it’s not picking up at the top of the cam behind the car, anyway to fix this?

Provided you have the detection set to max distance, aside from maneuvering the camera around and see if it changes the range you may need to reach out to @AnkerOfficial and see if they have any other suggestions.

Have them 10ft up, I know they recommend max 8ft but that’s too low for my liking, any Tom dick and Harry could swipe them, I’m going to have a play about with it now see if it improves thanks.