EufyCam - Linked activations

a nice feature for the EufyCam would be to link cameras/devices together. So for example if you have two cameras (or maybe a doorbell) monitoring a particular area then an activation on either device should tell the other device to activate too.

Some higher end equipment such as AXIS have these features already and I suppose something could be done with things like IFTTT but they have latency and rely on an internet connection.

Chaining of alerts should be configurable and not necessarily limited to two devices. also alert chaining should work in both directions.


A great idea! You can trigger a camera based on a door sensor so I don’t see why not for motion detection event.

Absolutely great idea. My eufy cam sits on my garage and sees motion before my doorbell. It would be great to trigger the door bell to start recording based off that trigger. However it would have to be configurable since i wouldnt want the cam in the backyard to trigger the doorbell.

I was about to ask for the same thing, I currently have arlo pro camera’s which I am replacing with the eufycams and the arlo’s I have set up for different camera’s to activate other camera’s on motion detection and would like to be able to do this with the eufycams.