EufyCam IR lights fading When Recording

I purchased a four camera system 2 weeks ago ( Australia) and was very happy with it so I purchased three additional cameras to replace my Arlo pros. For the last two nights I have two original purchased cameras that strart recording and you can see but it appears the IR lights go out and after a second or two you can only see black nothing else. I can’t see what triggered the camera or if there is anyone there. The other two original cameras seem to be working ok but don’t trigger much at night (thankfully cause it means no problems) so its hard to tell. Both these cameras originally showed our vehicles and driveway but no longer. Is this a fault and should I contact support or the place of purchase? Thanks for any help.

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That doesn’t sound right at all fortunately Anker has some of the best customer service I’ve ever encountered drop a line I’m sure there will be more than happy to assist you or send you a replacement.

It could be a firmware issue…

Keep in mind you can also use external IR flood lights if you desire.

Thanks I will get in contact with Anker and see what they think.

No problem, happy to help. Please keep us updated.

Thanks I will. I’ve sent an email to support with video’s of when it was working and when it stopped so they can see what I mean.

I know it’s a hassle to have to deal with this type of situation but at least Anker stands behind their products.

When you do get a working firmware/camera I suggest you turn off the auto update feature on your phone and on the base( if possible) I don’t actually own any Eufy cams.

I usually wait for a month or two before updating firmware to make sure there are no issues with the new firmware.

I do the same thing and update after I’ve read the comments. I had Arlo before and unfortunately you couldn’t turn off updates and they continually messed up the system. I’m hoping anker is better. The camera’s are certainly clearer and you can zoom in without losing quality.

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I’m not sure if that is possible either ( turning off auto update on the base) but good thing is that Anker is very open to taking customers suggestions and I think that is a great idea and I’m sure many other people would as well.

@Insider do you know if turning off auto update on the base as possible?

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I’m not sure, there’s nothing in settings so I’m guessing no. I never have auto update on my phone so the app won’t update until I’m ready.

Hang tight @Insider will let us know if it is a possibility. I’m pretty sure he has a bunch of Eufy cams and is very knowledgeable about all things Anker.

That’s great cause I think I may have more questions once I get them situated correctly!

I wish Anker would send me a couple of Eufy cams so I could better serve the community. Hint Hint @AnkerOfficial

Well anytime you have a question we are always happy to help :grin: like I said I don’t own any Eufy cams but there are plenty of community members who do. Don’t be bashful we love answering questions.

Haha I’ve never been accused of being bashful! I’ll hoping they add camera’s being able to trigger other camera’s when they detect motion. I’ve added my bit to the suggestion so hope they listen.

No clue :grimacing:

Theres no way to stop the cameras or homebase from updating, we have asked for that ability & to be able to upload firmware if we have issues or want to roll back, so far no change

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That’s a bummer

Maybe you could block the port that they use to connect to Anker servers??

@Haloweenhamster is an internet connection required for the cameras to operate and if so why do you think that would be doesn’t really make any sense, what if your internet goes out? Or if you just don’t have internet but would still like wireless cameras.

It never used to, only worked for 10 minutes but someone said that his worked for 6 hours without internet

Update: spoke to eufy support they said the camera was defective but I need to contact JBHiFi as that is where I purchased the camera’s . I’ll be contacting them on Monday as we’re gong away in a couple weeks and I need the camera working. Thanks for the help.