EufyCam Installation - Direct Sunlight

The instructions say to avoid installing under direct sunlight. I have a 2 story house and wanted a camera on the south side of my house which will be in direct sunlight most of the day. I can’t install it under the eave on the roof as it is way too high. I was wondering what the issue is with having it in the sun as long as the lens is not pointing directly at the sun. Do I need to add some type of cover to it or will it work okay here?


I was having the same question. Did you by any chance found the answer yet? - Since no one seems to have replied?

I believe the basic issue with having the unit in direct sunlight is the potential for the internals to go beyond the 122 F it’s rated for during summertime. Even with a shade, it has the potential to get there unless you have something fairly substantial for said shade.

Interesting, I just bought my system and have the same exact question. I’ll call customer support to get a direct answer from them. I may need to return the system if the concern is about the internals getting too hot.

I hope you are not pointing your cam to the sunlight which may not capture videos well.
Other than that, just typical damage to any item if it’s exposed to sunlight all the time.