EufyCam Hub - Limited to 2 RTSP streams to my NAS? What is the impact of this?

Hi Folks

I’ve just placed an order for 5 cameras and the hub, the reason I went with Eufy, was it offered the RTSP and could work with my NAS. I chose these on the Unifi cameras as they are completely wireless.

But, I just saw a post on Reddit, where somebody stated it could only record send 2 streams at a time to a NAS / NVR. Does this mean only 2 cameras will ever be able to record to my NAS? Can anybody expand upon the implications of this?


Never mind - I discovered the answer, its yes, the hub is limited to 2 RTSP stream… shame, as I’d purchased 5 cameras!

And not even being able to copy to content off home hub, these will be getting returned!

@ kwestlake

With regards to your issue, we are wondering if you have sent the system back to us? If not, we will do our best to resolve this issue for you. In your case, please let us know if the brand of the NAS you are using is Synology or QNAP? According to our engineers, some of NAS can only record two cameras at a time to the local NAS. We can help you to resolve this issue if you could confirm the following information:
–The brand of your NAS.
-Your NAS could support recording five cameras into your local NAS.
-HomeBase SN. You may check it on the Homebase.

Besides, please kindly be noted that if your NAS can only support recording two cameras for free into local NAS, then extra licenses can be purchased for additional surveillance devices according to business needs. Below is a link about the official description of Synology regarding purchasing extra licenses.

If you need further help, please feel free to contact us via

Thank you for getting back!


So are you saying, that the EufyCam hub can stream more than 2 cameras via RTSP? If yes, please can you explain this message to me:

Where it clearly states “A HomeBase unit supports up to two cameras RTSP Stream”… So this is a limitation built into the EufyCam product and mobile app.

But to answer your question, my NAS is licensed for 4x RTSP streams, so this would not be the cause of the issue.


I get this when trying to turn on a 3rd camera

I’m sure I’ve turned on all 4 in the past when the feature was released, I’m guessing an update has limited it

Is there any clarification on this yet? I bought The EufyCam 2 with Homebase 2 - which I love, so bought 3 more cameras (total of 5) and have just spent £700 on a Synology DS718+ to use the NAS function but I’ve now discovered this is limited to just 2 cameras. This is not detailed anywhere on your description at the point of sale meaning I’ve potentially wasted £1400. if this is the case I’ll be returning the entire eufy set-up which would be really disappointing as I’m waiting for the doorbell and looking to purchase the baby monitor too. I’ll hold of and decide though based on the response… Please could an update be posted? Thanks

I just purchased a number of Arlo cameras but will return them all if we can get >2 streams here. Can someone from Eufy please provide an update?


Clarifications would indeed be welcome because I am about to buy new Eufy cameras which I also intend to add in RTSP to my Synology. I have the necessary number of licenses. Will this limitation be removed one day and is it true regardless of the version of Homebase?