[EufyCam] How does the app access local recordings?

I’m interested in buying an EufyCam because I like the non-cloud solution for price and privacy reasons, and because of the battery life.

Is it possible for the EufyCam app to access the recordings stored on the SD card, over the Internet?
Are any recordings stored on EufyCam servers (as an intermediate) when viewing the recordings from the SD card?
Is it required to open TCP/UDP ports or uPnP on the router to accomplish this? Or does it use special techniques like TCP/UDP hole punching with help of an intermediate EufyCam server? (This methods is also used by TeamViewer.)

To answer my own question, it seem that Eufy heavily relies on external servers. Even worse, those servers are in China, which is a privacy problem since the borderline between Chinese companies and Chinese state is low. Even though everything is supposed to work locally on a local sd card, Eufy is so reliant on those external China servers that the system fails when the Internet is down.

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Crap someone’s gotta root this thing to make it open source. That’s the only true security. Another option, try blocking those ports on your router.