eufyCam features on top of the list for Privacy focused Best local storage security cams

eufyCam E features on top of the list for Privacy focused local storage security cams. Nice to see our favorite brand on the top!

Excerpts from the article:

Keeping an eye out for packages being delivered is a task on its own, but the EufyCam E has you covered with a weatherproof design, anti-theft alarm, night-vision capabilities, and easy installation. With the included HomeBase, there’s a MicroSD slot that can accommodate cards up to 128GB in size, ensuring your footage stays with you. Another reason why the EufyCam is an exceptional outdoor camera is that it doesn’t necessarily require a constant power source and is IP65 weatherproof. Thanks to the built-in battery, you can plop the EufyCam on just about anything, includingflat surfaces like a wall or even something as uneven such as a tree. You won’t have to worry too much about battery life, either; a full charge can deliver approximately a year’s worth of juice.

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Eufycam E review


Smh this is the regular eufycam, not eufycam E :man_facepalming:


True, and much more stylish and looking like a security cam than the Eeee. :wink:
The orignal eufy cam at least differs from all the other similar-looking cameras. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for sharing this article … for sure eufy cam is the best local storage security cam! :movie_camera:

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Good catch!!

Thanks for sharing the article and the review with us!


@AnkerOfficial As you are just “here” … may i ask (and i guess many would like to know and probably never answered) why you have changed the original eufy cam style to the eufy cam E and act like there never have been a original one?! I only see eufy cam E promoted and talking about from official side … do you want to get rid of the original eufy cam or will it furthermore exist parallel to the eufy cam E?!

Just saying, @AnkerOfficial probably doesn’t know the answer to that question…

:open_mouth: … who else than the Manufacturer should know the answer then?!

@AnkerOfficial should be able to source it from the Eufy product / design team , they are the same company - different names. But these design decisions are rarely discussed in public forums .

  1. Anker doesn’t manufacture most of their products (not a very common business practice for companies like this).
  2. You asked a very specific question about the design of a product. The people who run the AnkerOfficial Account don’t design products, they are on a different team of people.
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Sure, but as @Shenoy said correctly, they can get the information internal and post it here.
I don’t reall care about the design change, beside the fact that eufy cam E now looks as same boring like every other security cam on the market. So i mainly want to know if it just had design-reasons or any other technical reasons to bring another version of the eufy cam beside the original one.

And, as fan of the original one, of course if the original one will exist furthermore or if there is any plan to “kill” it silently sometime and only sell the eufy cam E?!

I agree with you and your points, I just don’t think it would be easy for ankerofficial to get the information. I guess we shall see!

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eufyCam is the product we offer for all the offline channels and the eufyCam E is for the online channels.

You say offline channels, I’m guessing by that you mean retail stores?
If so wouldn’t it be good to list the eufycam on your website and have an available from section?
I haven’t seen or heard of it being on sale in a store in the UK only in America & Australia, are you going alphabetically so we will be one of the last to have it in stores?

First at all, thanks for answering. :+1:

But as saying the original eufy cam is only offered in offline channels (retail shops), i wonder why i can order it online like everywhere :wink:

I can order it online and even get send them home at MediaMarkt:

I can order it online and even get send them home at Saturn:

I can even order it online at AMAZON:

Not to forget your own webshop:

… just to show some examples. So much “offline” it isn’t i would say :grin: But whatever, the main statement is, and thats the most important, the original eufy cam will also be available in the future! :revolving_hearts: :+1:

The first and second screenshots are the online stores of our offline authorized partners. For the third screenshot from Amazon, please note the seller is Amazon and it is not sold by us. The fourth screenshot is from our official website where we can carry this product. Hope this will solve your confusion.

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No problem at all, as long as the original eufy cam :revolving_hearts: will be still buyable in the future, no matter if offline or online, everything is fine.

But maybe you can forward the question to someone who can answer it and post it here then:
What have been the reasons in detail to develop and release eufy cam E, while eufy cam original already was published, sold and doing its job” (design reasons? technical reasons? legal reasons?)

Thanks :+1:

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Why not? Do you stop inovating just because you have a product that works? No, you get out there and keep innovating and advancing what you have and make it more refined.
Of course sometimes it gets redundant like their robovacs with all the different models, but for their cameras, i dont mind seeing 2 or 3 different variations of it

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He does have a point that they kind of pretend it doesn’t exist though. For a long time it was “hidden” on there website.

May i ask you something? Why are you saying such things while not having a clue (about eufy cams)?

Sure, innovation is good and noone wants to stop it. But just talking about this point and your statement/question you should know and be informed about the fact that the eufy cam E is NOT(!) an innovation of the original eufy cam at all, but rather a deterioration in several points:

So thanks for your unjustified claim, but innovation is not the reason for the existance of eufy cam E , as you can see.

Else, if the eufy cam E would be “better” than the original eufy cam, i wouldn’t have asked my question :wink: