eufyCam Family and Friends

Is there an overview available of how the Family and Friends feature works? I get the basic principles but would like to know how alerts are shared, can permissions be granted and rescinded, can a user be changed from admin to guest etc.


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When you (the admin) add the user you set the devices they can view, and their permissions I believe. I just checked and I don’t seem to be able to change their level so maybe this can only be done at creation. You can rescind / allow access to certain cameras.

Alerts are shared across devices.

O most systems that I have used when you share access, they only have access to view the camera.

My wife gets alerts as i do but no access to the recorded videos on my e cam system. Is this right, she is also classed as an administrator

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My wife gets alerts and can see the recorded events OK, with our two 2C cameras. I use an iphone and she has a Samsung Android.

One difference between the two phones is that when I get a notification I can click on it to see the recording. If she does that she just sees the live feed instead. She has to go into Events and then she can see the all the recordings.

As an aside, we’re having problems getting Geofencing working with the two phones. Eufy support are aware and trying to help. Have you succeeded?

Same issue. Wife can only view even though she is Administrator

I am having the same issue as well. I had 12 cameras, window and door sensors, video doorbell and digital lock installed on my house. My wife set up the app first and she has tried to share it with me but it has not worked. I am deployed in Iraq right now so I cannot mess with it at home. The first time she shared it with me I got a notification and a email I clicked on the notification and it took me to the app but there was no invite to accept. We tried this a few time over the course of 48 hours to include I deleted my account and restarted it and had her send another invite. I no longer get notifications only and email telling me to go to the app and accept the invite but it still doesn’t show. Anyone had this issue and if so how did you resolve it.