eufyCam/eufyCam E New Software Update

Hi eufyCam users,

In March, we successfully delivered the following new features to the eufyCam/eufyCam E: multi-language App, Web Portal and Cloud Storage. We wanted to share a little more information on these features and how to make them work.

We also plan to deliver Google Voice Assistant integration and Motion Detection Activity Zone in a future update.

Multi-language App

We have improved language support for the eufyCam App. We now support the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

The App will detect your phone’s default language and will default to that automatically.

Web Portal & Cloud Storage

User can now livestream camera from their web browser on a desktop or subscribe cloud storage to save video backup on the cloud. The access portal is on the upper right corner of

Cloud subscription is required to view previously recorded clips on the web portal.

Release Notes

The latest software versions and release notes are as below:
HomeBase v1.0.8.6
Camera v1.8.3`
iOS App v1.2.2
Android App v1.2.0

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented users from receiving notifications.
  2. Fixed the bug that NAS recording may not be as complete as the recording on local storage.
  3. Fixed the bug where the system would format microSD cards (only when using 128GB microSD card) after firmware upgrades.
  4. Fixed a bug where the camera stops recording too early.
  5. Fixed the bug that misses the first few frames.
  6. Fixed the bug that the iOS App may skip the first 2-3 seconds of the recording video.
  7. Optimized night vision.
  8. Prepared software for Motion Activity Zone function. This function will be available in an app update that follows later.
  9. Fixed other known bugs and optimized stability.

Update will be pushed out in the next 2-3 days and your system will apply automatically when idle.

We appreciate your patience, enthusiasm and support as we continue to improve the eufyCam

Please stay tuned and reach out with any of your questions!

-The eufy Security team


Thanks for the update notes! (By the way: The first since weeks and several updates)

As said on: eufyCam Software Update and New Timeline - News & Announcements - Anker Community

While writing this yesterday, i just seen for the first time that you brought the update notes right into the messages in the app, like seen here:


I think this is a great idea

and i strongly recommend from now on to bring the update notes for every update (also) right there! In the message center of the app! This will be the best place and noone will miss what an update done, fixed, changed or caused new bugs.

So please, in the future, centralize all the update notes for every single update in one thread and/or post them completely and detailed always on the update message in the app, like shown above! :thumbsup:

(But also for the cam updates! As you can see above, only the homebase update message got patch notes, the cam updates not!)


Could you please make an App for iPad?



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Are you talking about viewing previously recorded videos on cloud?
Can I still be able to view the videos recorded on my SD card in my HomeBase?

Need clarification @AnkerOfficial

So, IFTTT considered to be dead now? @AnkerOfficial

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Yes, you can still (always) view SD recordings through the app.

I think the wording is a little off - my understanding is that you need a cloud subscription in order to view any sort of recording through the web portal. You can view live streams without a sub.

When you have a subscription your recordings are saved both in the cloud and on the SD card.

Glad to see that development for these haven’t stopped. Excited to see where things go from here!

Hope not, they still advertise it on their product boxes as a selling benefit. Would be counter intuitive not to consider IFTTT, especially when Arlo - the product to beat - offers multiple services on IFTTT

The one to beat :thinking:
It has recently been added to my camera collection, rocking 5 brands now looking for the perfect cam

Not long until I ditch the Eufy cams for something that actually does what it claims

Most impressed with wyze, most disappointed with simcam


@Haloweenhamster wow !! that is too many cameras to deal with :joy:

He just tries to beat me! :rofl:

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you may be leading in quantity but he has more brands than you :grinning:

For sure! currently … But if eufy continues with the fails and missing updates/fixes like in the past 9 months, this may change! And then: ByeBye eufy cam, ByeBye eufy RoboVac L70, ByeBye other eufy items.


Hi everyone!

Need a help! I got a new eufycam E kit and after home base has updated to latest firmware I cannot add any camera to it. Simply doesn’t find it and fails every time. Is there a way to update cameras too? Or why doesn’t it add them when it has the latest firmware at home has E? it’s ridiculous not to support previous ones. Any idea anyone?