eufyCam E works fine while signal quality is shown as no signal

Hi all,

just received my eufyCam E set and expected connectivity issues in my large house (based on the complaints I found here in the foum). Surprisingly it works pretty well before I hit a specific range (which I’d consider “far enough”).

The only problem is just, that the app tells me that I don’t have any signal, but live video works like a charm. Is this a bug or am I underestimating connectivity issues? During my 2 day test I was ALWAYS able to connect.

As I wasn’t able to upload the 2MB video file to the forum, I put it under a private link on youtube (watch the timestamp moving forward and green colored LIVE label)

best regards and greetings from Germany


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Your video is marked as private, you will have to unmarked it from private in order for others to view it.

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Thanks Tank. Now you should be able to see it.

Yea that’s strange live feed is fine but the app says otherwise for recording. Maybe it has to do with that it cant buffer or cache the video before hand which is causing the problems

Noticed similar since the last update, which I have put down to predetermined but unreported speed set within the app by Eufy (kinda as a safety net for signal reporting)…my front garden camera when I installed it had on average 2-3 bars but now often reports 1 bar only, despite nothing physically changing between the line of sight of the Homebase and the camera…outside of weather of course :slightly_smiling_face:

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