eufyCam E Wireless Security Camera Launch

Hey Anker Fans!

eufy Security has launched their second wireless security camera dedicated to providing home surveillance—eufyCam E.

Built with a wire-free connection, the low-profile IP65-rated case is designed to help you keep watch of your home both indoors and out.

Other features include:

  • 365-Day Battery Life: 100% wire-free and IP65 weatherproof-rated camera is designed to run for 365 days (or 3 years in Standby Mode) per charge, indoors and out.

  • Full HD Surveillance: 1080p resolution, combined with our exceptional night vision technology, ensures video is recorded with crystal-clear quality both day and night.

  • No Monthly Fees: eufyCam E doesn’t require any monthly fees to use, and comes with a 16GB microSD card that stores up to one-year’s worth of recordings. (30s footage, 10 times per day per camera)

  • Easy Installation: 3 easy ways to install: 1) Screw onto the Outdoor Mount, 2) Stick onto the Magnetic Mount, 3) Stick on metallic surfaces

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Get your eufyCam E at an amazing price with our new-product launch:

  • 1 camera + 1 HomeBase Was $279.99 Now $254.99
  • 2 cameras + 1 HomeBase Was $459.99 Now $390.99
  • 3 cameras + 1 HomeBase Was $559.99 Now $475.99
  • Add-On Camera Was $179.99 Now $152.99
  • Entry Sensor Was $29.99 Now $25.49

Click on the link to save 15% on your eufyCam E home surveillance system! Don’t forget to use EUFYEMJY to claim your discount at checkout! :grin:


Incredible product I can not believe that it can last a year with a single recharge, it is very out of my budget but if I bought it I do not know if I put those cameras or save them so they do not steal it from me😂

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Looks nice! Just a bit too much money for me though.


sure is a bit pricey. For us Canadians it rings at $599.99 on plus taxes for two cameras. Love to get this but if it was half the cost.



3F5WCWZO = 20% UK Discount

Click the image


Just had the same email but ouch on the price for x2 cameras and a base…compared to some others…


It’s a fair chunk of money fella. Can’t put a price on security though. I’m not convinced the system is right for me. I think I’d like 24hr recording or at least I’d want it to record the 1-2 minutes before the camera picked up movement.

Could continually record but then delete files through the day if there were no alerts or something.

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May be wired cameras are in the plans at Anker R&D that will do the job you need.

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I have been looking into home security set up…This is a pretty solid option to oppose the Arlo cams.

I am very interested until I saw the price on Amazon Canada. Will have to wait till the technology can sell itself to me.

Awesome deal and these cameras look great. I have to put purchasing a system. To many big purchases this year.

Where is the 30% coupon promised to backers? Still waiting havent seen not one response by them… I have nothing but good things to say about the product I hope they dont mess it up with a broken promise…

I hope they do a “we love testing event”…

Eufy Thanks for the 30% off coupon, it was finally emailed to me early morning today 2/21/19. Order has been placed.


Good luck buddy! It proved again that little patience would help :slight_smile:

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Only after I emailed Eufy Support… they issued an apology for not getting the code. I wonder if others received their codes.

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That is strange, I haven’t got mine too, was not worried as I was not in rush.
Sending email to support now.
Thanks for the update again buddy, it may helps others too…

I currently have the original eufyCam setup from Kickstarter and I’m interested in these.

However, these cameras are not capable of any facial recognition correct? Basically will just notify of motion events and have no sort of “smart ai” like the original cameras?

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If you connect this to the original homebase with AI, you will be able to use facial recognition and other smart AI features.
(As per eufy, no one tested it so far!)