Eufycam E, RTSP stream, Kodi, Synology, VLC - how does it work?

Hello everybody,

how do you set up a Eufycam E stream in Kodi or Synology? I just have the problem that after activating the stream in the app, the stream is activated once, but if you try to call the stream again, it is no longer available.

In Kodi I have set up a .strm file for this case and call this file. A video with the address rtsp://ip/stream should be called. The first time it works, the second time (even after restarting Kodi) it doesn’t. Same behavior with Synology NAS and VLC.

I have to disable the RTSP feature in the app an reactivate it to get a one-time-call stream again… Unfortunately this is not useful. Do you have any tips on how to do it right? Is it possible at all?


I don’t think anybody here used kodi to stream the eufycam. There are few hickups when NAS storage launched initially, but eventually got resolved it seems.
I am not using both of these, so cannot answer your question.
I did though stream the cams using VLC and it did worked everytime, killed it just because no use for it.