Eufycam E Notifications not working properly

Just installed the Eufycam E (two camera system with base station) and I am at the latest firmware version for the cameras and base station as well as the android app. No matter what I try, only the front door cam sends notifications (or station sends for front door cam only) and while the back yard cam records when there is motion, I never get a notification for that camera.

Here is what I have done but the second cam still does not send notifications

  1. I have formatted the SD card
  2. reset the base station
  3. power cycled the cameras (press sync button 5 times to power off)
  4. reinstalled Android app
  5. power cycled the base station

system version 1.8.2 subsystem version

Base Station
system version subsystem version

Android App version

I only get notifications for one camera (always the same camera) so please if anyone knows how to get notifications to work for more then 1 camera, please post what to do.



Check the mode ( home/away) you selected and push notification box is checked.

You will have to remove the device and then re add it. I also had the same issue. Once I resynced the camera it started to work.

But now I can’t set the field of view in the camera for motion detection. Something in this update screwed things up.

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I have Push Notification checked so I am going try to resynch the camera.

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Just went and re-paired the camera that was not sending push notifications. It works now!!!

Thanks @ajuersood

mine too, guess i got get the ladder out again to resync cameras…:unamused:

Try playing with the app before getting your ladder out, this might work. Turn on/off, change notification settings, motion detection sensitivity etc.,
Worked for me.
Hope eufy is releasing another working patch/update sooner.
@AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport

Edited your hope to better reflect reality :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Try to remove and add the camera. Worked for me.

This issue should have been fixed with our latest app version (1.2.1)

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Tested and resolved with new IOS app v1.2.1 :thumbsup:
Thanks @AnkerSupport

Anybody having issues with the cam notifications when the cam is behind a window? Picture quality is perfect but the Cam just doesn’t see movement when it’s behind glass

I guess that is how a PIR sensor works. It can’t see trough glass…