Eufycam E mount standoff?

Can anyone recommend a standoff or other mount that works with the Eufycam E? The outdoor mount that comes with the camera cannot angle inwards far enough to monitor the windows on the side of my house. I want to put the cameras about 10ft high so they are inaccessible from the ground. I have a two story house so mounting them from the roof soffits is not the greatest idea here in Chicagoland where the winters can be brutal.

Thank you,

I have used These mounts for my external camera. Their not the eufy brand but they should have the same mount and work the same

@Tank Thank you.

Can the magnetic mount be used outdoors?

Yes it can, I’ve used it for my back garden but used the screw mount for the front & garage
Main reason is incase someone throws something at the camera to dislodge it which is less likely in the back