eufyCam E homeBase Station max cameras

I would like to know what is the maximum amount of cameras that I can connect to a single HomeBase Station.

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“How many devices can 1 HomeBase support?

Up to 16 cameras and 16 entry sensors.”

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Sorry, but i have to correct you :nerd:

@yamyam I’m just quoting what Anker has on their Amazon listing for the cams.

It could be that I was looking at the listing in the U.K. for the Eufycam E and not the original one they released.


True, but it depends on the Homebase, not on the cams.
So it could be, that the original Homebase can handle up to 16/34,
while the Homebase E only can handle 16/16.

Should be still enough for everyone or the most.

This Homebase and Homebase E and eufycam and eufycam E thing confuses me anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
(…and not only me i guess)


By the way:

I have currently running about 5 cams actively with my original Homebase and the original SD-Card.
And i already have the feeling and haptic, that the system is overstrained with it from time to time.

My hardcore stress test, link below, shown that the SD-card can save up to several thousand videos and can handle if one single cam is recording up to 300 videos per day without a problem.

But while running 5 cams currently i think about how many simultaneously recording/streaming cams the system and especially the SD-card can handle?!

My app is crashing some time to much in the past weeks and also the video playback often stucks or even crashes (probably because most of the cams are recording/streaming at this moment?!).

So there is still the question for me, how scalable the eufy cam system is and how many simultaneously recording/streaming/playback it can really handle without making problems.

Of course, technically it will be possible to add 16 eufy cams to the homebase.
The question is: Does the homebase and SD-card even can handle so much cameras and writte/read data?!

I guess we will first get an answer when one of us reaches the 16 cams … :laughing:

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You just need 4 more cams to reach there anyway, so why not you be that first?? :joy:

Nope … my 12 cams are distributed to three homebases :wink:

… send me more of this, and we can talk about it!

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I will not be talking to you if I have that … lol