Eufycam E homebase offline when accessing over internet connection

I bought the EufyCam E this week and set it up without any problems. Over my home wifi connection I can see all the camera streams and recorded events but if I change to cellular connection or at my works wifi conenction the app says my homebase is offline.

Also if I login to the web portal it says the homebase is offline. I do get push notifications when motion is detected so the system is functioning but I want to see the captured video whem I’m not at home.

Did I miss something in the installation or do I have to open some ports on my firewall?

Does anyone else have this problem?

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If you have closed any ports on your firewall, they may be blocking the communication. Otherwise there should not be any issue.
I never blocked any ports on my home wifi, didn’t change any internet settings before or after the Homebase is connected. It works seamless.

From the local netwerk all ports are open to the internet, from the internet all ports are blocked, except 80+443 for my webserver.

Is there a list of ports the EufyCam uses?

Update: I changed the network connection from Ethernet cable to WiFi and now it is working. Very strange…

Happy for you, you can always contact They can help you for sure!