Eufycam E beeping

One of our cameras has gone offline and is beeping once, then beeping twice.

Can’t connect via the app. Battery level was 50%

Any suggestions on reset or otherwise?

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Beeping sounds like the battery is low but I’ve not come across it yet on mine so this is just a guess. Have you tried connecting the camera to the Homebase for charging to see if connection is restored during the recharge?

Hello!@ IanW Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the camera offline!

Could you please check whether the camera is out of battery?

If yes, please try charging the camera by one of the following two ways and then try pairing the camera: 1. Connect the camera with the USB port on the back of HomeBase (HomeBase has one USB charging port with Anker Power IQ Technology. Charging via HomeBase from 0 to 100% takes about 4 hours in a general way). 2. Connect the camera with a 5V/2A or 9V/2A USB charger and cable. Please observe whether there is red indicator on the camera when it is being charged.

If the issue is not related with the battery, please try the following steps to remove the re-add the camera to see whether it helps: 1. Rebooting the HomeBase (Steps: Unplug the AC power adapter>Press the CYCLE button located on the left of the AC power outlet>Re-plug the AC power adapter); 2. A long press of the SYNC button for 10 seconds until 2 beeps are heard (this step is for complete clearance of previous pairing-related information to avoid any possible interference). 3. Try to add the camera according to the steps showing in the App (Slide the left menu>Go to My Devices>Click ‘+’ on the right top>Select associated devices>Follow the instructions for camera adding).

If the camera persists offline, please try contacting us via Our engineer team will help to check your device as soon as possible. Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused and thanks so much for your valuable time!