EufyCam: delayed notifications, no video's shown in list

Hi all,

My Eufycam system is acting weird since about a week.
‘Weird’ in the sense that it is acting differently than normal but not consistently. Sometimes it acts ‘normal’.
Push notifications to my EufySecurity app are often delayed with about 10 to 15 minutes.
Today, I received push notifications but the recorded videoclips where not shown in the app. When I tap the push notification, the recorded videoclip are shown nevertheless.

What I tried was to restart HomeBase a few times (I do this on a weekly basis BTW).
I logged out and back in in the EufySecurity app.
So far, no change.

Are more people seeing this behaviour?
If so, the problem is perhaps on the server side …

Kind regards

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Switching between the different modi is also delayed. I had the camera’s turned off, yet they still kept recording events.