Eufycam cracked lens

@AnkerSupport One if my eufycameras’ lens has cracked! Image now all foggy and blurred. Emailed and awaiting a response…

That’s a shame. How did that happen?

@ajsanders2004 no idea. Just noticed the image was blurred, so I took the camera down and saw the crack. I’ve heard this happening to other people, usually when the outside temperature is cold. We’ve just had a cold snap in the UK, but only minus 2 degrees Celsius where I am.

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Sounds like the lens housing is too tight to account for heat contraction.

@AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport

Hang tight I’m sure you will receive a replacement.

Thank you for pointing out this flaw.


I have had one of my camera’s replaced for this same reason. Hopefully it’s not too wide spread of a problem.

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could be a poor quality glass

The problem is that glass does not expand and contract as much as the metal/plastic lens housing does. A simple solution would be to surround the lens with a softer material maybe silicone that does not contract so much in the cold

Lens/silicone o-ring/lens housing

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May be due to combination of plastic and glass, one contracts/expands and the other doesn’t. I am not an expert at material properties. I haven’t heard that issue with our Canadian folks where they saw around -24C, touch wood !

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With a name like ice1 I thought you’d be the go-to guy :wink:

I had one of my Arlo cameras do that when they first came out. I was one of the early beta testers and @Jesse_Hernandez1 is right about the lens surround being too tight. Netgears engineering team refined it and resent the camera and I didn’t have any issues after that.


Now you know, not to get deceived by names, lol

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Eufysupport got back to me within 24 hours. Faulty camera has been returned for replacement :smiley:


That was a quick repose from a support team. Good to know we have a reliable customer service team.

New camera arrived today. All up and running. Thank you @AnkerSupport

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sucks that it happen but glad they were able to replace it fast and without any issues

Outstanding support team @AnkerSupport :thumbsup:

Thats what is expected of support. Great Job :thumbsup:

Not too bad of a turn around, glad you got it back up and running. If you get a chance you should leave a review

@AnkerSupport So, the replacement camera’s lens has cracked :rage: Another support request…

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Very annoying for you and sad that this quality fail issue still exists!

I have plenty of regular eufy cams, where “just” of one of it got a cracked lense till yet, but a friends cam also got cracked and from kickstarter i know that there have been plenty of customers with crecked lenses.

I just ordered my first three eufy cam E yesterday and hope they have better quality and no cracked lenses will occur.

But at least the support is great, fast and you will get another replacement cam.

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