EufyCam - connecting to home WiFi


Do you plan to enable connecting cams to home wifi? For bigger houses, range of Homebase may not be enough.
I already have house covered by wifi and find adding another wireless network unnecessary.




I also would be interested in some way of expanding range either via my home WiFi or increasing the range of the base station? I just installed my two cameras and spent more time trying to work out where to put the base station to be able to have a connection to both cameras such that my (separate) garage was covered and my front door. I think the current solution is very limited so either ‘boosters’, attach to home WiFi or increase the current range of the base station which I do think is really limited.

Apart from this ‘range’ issue I love the solution!

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According to some previous posts, it seems there might be range extenders coming in the future. Right now I just want all the features that were initially promised to be implemented.

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to have reliable security cameras that still work when your power goes off it might be necessary to add an additional Network that is battery backed up like they eufy home and the soon to come out HomeBase booster.

Homebase booster to come out in Q1 of 2019

Unfortunately not, mostly due to security and compatibility reasons.

We will be coming out with range extenders in Q1 of 2019. Keep an eye out!


That’s great news and will certainly look out for that! However I am disappointed that the current range isn’t so great but that’s all I’m disappointed in by the way (apart from the planned added functionality sooner rather than later :-))

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The Arlo SmartHub that comes with the recently announced Arlo Ultra will allow camera’s to connect to the existing Wi-Fi network.
From their press release:

Arlo Ultra comes with the new, advanced Arlo SmartHub which connects to the user’s router to provide extended Wi-Fi range to Arlo cameras

Source: About Us | Arlo

I guess eufyCam firmware can be upgraded to allow similar functionality. Please consider adding this feature.


Interesting! We’ll forward this to our team. Thanks!


It’s is always more secure to be on a segregated network. I would prefer range extenders but I understand the want for people to maintain only one network


I’m not buying those arguments :wink:

Ocean network uses WPA2, right? How is it different from something I can setup on my AP? 802.11n is standard so what compatibility issues?

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Well… I’ve purchased 2 camera, one was intended to be placed at the end of my garden.
I’ve placed a wifi extender in my garden to ensure I’ve a good signal. I understand now that it was useless, as the base is not powerfull enough to cover the distance and there is no connection to my main wifi network.

By the way, the camera are working fine when I’m close to the base, but on the 1st floor of my house it is not (base is in the cellar).

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We are going to be coming out with range extenders in Q1 of 2019. Keep your eyes peeled!

And for those of us who backed the project on Kickstarter --and for whom the current “range” of the system has been deplorable to the point of uselessness-- these will be provided free of charge, yes?

I’ve read the previous posts, so I’m aware of this announcement.
But can you tell us a bit more? If I place the extender inside my house, will it be able to propagate the signal until the bottom of my garden? Will it be “weather resistant”?
At least I want to be able to connect my own wifi, even if you say it is not secure. That’s my choice.

i try and keep all my smart tech on a separate network. I would include the cameras in this group. Most tech devices are secure enough but studies have shown that many of the devices are not as secure as they should be and some of the off brands have next to no security. Being an old IT guy with a little Security training I keep all my private data locked down on a faster private network.

It’s not about whether or not you’re WiFi is secure the cameras and home base have a battery backup built in that will keep your system working through Power outs.

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What if I have my wifi infrastructure connected to UPS already? :wink:

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Yes, there are constraints if the system is connected to a home wifi (power outs, security,…).
But at least let the customer make his choices.
I want to use my camera mostly as a webcam in my garden. No need for high security, I just want to connect it… which is not possible at the moment.

I don’t buy home wifi as a security concern. If someone wants battery backup, it’s a UPC away. Having two separate wifi networks in the same house is just bad design. If I already have a mesh network running, now I need to build another one? Don’t try to be a wifi company, try to be a security camera company.

Having a separate network is best practice for camera systems and also allows anker to work within their own network for troubleshooting