Eufycam communication with Homebase problem


I just took off my Eufycam e cameras to recharge the batteries on the homebase. I’ve done this before …
Since impossible to put them back in place, I no longer have a signal between the cameras and the Homebase. (everything worked well before)
I removed everything and reinstalled everything, no change.
Next to the Homebase (50 cm) I have a signal strength of 3/4, at 2 meters I have 1/4 !!! (no obstacle)
I added a new Eufycam 2 Pro camera and also a new Eufycam e camera, I put them in the locations of the 2 others, the signal is optimal.
How to recover the 2 other cameras?
Is it possible to reset these cameras?

@Thilec this is strange, but have you tried deleting and adding them back to the app?

Thank you for your answer
Yes already tried
Also added to another Homebase
Same result

You need to contact as it seems more complicated.

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