EufyCam Cam - WiFi or Base Station?

I’m using the eufycam-e 2 camera kit.

I was looking to expand and purchase other cameras.
I was curious if the cameras just need to be able to communicate over my WiFi or if they are actually connecting to the base station and it doesn’t matter how far a distance my WiFi can travel.

Because if the cams communicate directly to the basestation…then the distance won’t be enough unfortunately.

It’s not Wifi. Read this from last year.

While that sounds bad, my suggestion is if your issue is distance between homebase and the cam is too far, you move your homebase nearer to your cams, either via longer Ethernet, or if Ethernet not viable, then Powerline, or if you do own some Wifi extenders see if any you own have Ethernet ports to then connect the Homebase.

I don’t know your house geography so this idea won’t work if say your two cams need to be far from each other and too far from the homebase, but so long as you got power to the mid-point between cams, and that midpoint is within the 300ft claim, then put the homebase there and problem solved.

If you don’t know what is Powerline then read this.

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The EufyCams connect direct to your Homebase and do not utilize your WIFI network. You can setup your Homebase to use your WIFI network to allow for better placement to keep your camera’s signal strength optimal.

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Yes, turn on WiFi feature on homebase so you can find a sweet spot where it can connect to your home WiFi and to the Cameras.